Top Notch Toys January 2017


by BONNIE GUGGENHEIM TNT Advertising Director & Associate Editor TERRIFIC TOYS AND MORE

H ow many ways can you describe the AKC Cham- pionship Show sponsored by Royal Canin? Fabulous, exhausting, fun filled, wonderful, excit- ing and filled with surprises and zillions of people! With an entry of around 4,000 dogs, it was the place to see the top-winning Specials from in and out of the country, as well as exciting class dogs. Many of the Spe- cials-to-be were presented for a “first time look” by the fancy and there was certainly a lot of take in, with Toys being the focus many will be the Spe- cials to watch in 2017. I’m predicting an amazing year for many of you! A great many of the class dogs were produced by parents in the Specials ring showing that a pedigree of quality does come shining through with generation after generation consistently reaching Top Dog status. Everyone looks for the stars of the future, and there were a lot of people with checkbooks open looking to purchase stars, find a new addition to their breeding program or locate the perfect stud dog. I hope they all found just what they wanted. Lots of those winners can be seen in Top Notch Toys —the place where Toys are found, not lost. “I’M PREDICTING AN AMAZING

February will be the start of 34 years for Top Notch Toys! THANK YOU to those of you who have con- tributed articles, ads and supported our awesome Toy Group throughout the years. If you are new to Top Notch Toys … welcome and please contact me for anything that may help you with ads or pictures, etc. Toy competition is very tough and seems to become more each year. Speaks very well for our beloved Toy Group. Lots of success in New York! I hope to hear your good news and report it here in TNT because… inquiring minds want to know. Warm wishes, good health and lots of wins in 2017! Bonnie 863.738.8848

One of the best things was meeting so many of you and while there were a few I couldn’t catch because they were running from one ring to another, lots made the time to talk with me and start to make plans for 2017. Progressive and the Specialties in New York will be another opportunity to talk with those of you whom I missed. Please call, text or email to say hello, tell me what your plans are and allow me to help map out your 2017 cam- paign. Would you like to be on the mail- ing list of people to contact for dead- lines? Email me at bonnie@dmcg. com. Check out our excellent Face- book page and see the ads that are posted during the month of publi- cation and look at our online issue ( Any of your ads can be shared with your Face- book friends in and out of the country which makes it more fun and gives you important international exposure.


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