Top Notch Toys January 2017



My most recent achievement is showing BISS CAN CH / AM GCH Hunderwood Honey-Girl “Paris.” She started her show career at 1 year of age and obtained all these titles in less than a year. She is the daughter of World / Multi CH Hocus Pocus Wild Fantasy. I thank Eric Bernard for this girl. 5. What is your pet peeve in the show/breeding world? I have no pet peeves in the show world. It’s just a dog show! I enjoy showing my dogs and making my breeders proud. I pay my entry for the Judge’s opinion and respect their choices. In the breeding world, I don’t like to see anyone breed dogs that have faults. It does not improve our breed. 6. Is there a grooming secret you would like to share? The most import thing is to always present a clean dog. Good nutrition will give your dog’s coat a healthy shine. 7. Do you inbreed, linebreed or outcross and why? I linebreed, but it is important to outcrossing and bring back to your line to set the type you desire. 8. Do you think your current standard is adequate? Yes. The standard is very impor- tant. The Judges use the standard as their guideline. 9. Where do you house your dogs and whelp your bitches?

I feel blessed that I have a large home and a larger bed. My show dogs enjoy 1500 square feet in the lower area of my home. They have large pens, but the doors always remain open. My retired show dogs sleep in my bed. I whelp my girls in my living room so that I can keep a eye on them. I also have a live webcam to watch them when I’m away from home. This also gives friends and potential puppy owners access to watch them grow and play. 10. At what age do you determine a puppy to be show quality? I evaluate my puppies at 8, 12 and 16 weeks. They go through so many phas- es. You need to watch them play for structure, movement and attitude. Bites and testicles also need to be watched as they get older. Hopefully, everything falls into place by 6 months of age. Which is showtime! 11. What is the greatest health concern for your breed today? The Yorkshire Terrier has many health concerns and we are work- ing together to eliminate this issues. The most common problems are Liver shunt, collapsing trachea, luxating patellas and hypoglycemia. This is why it is important to full bile acid panels and get our Chic testing. 12. If you were not involved with showing dogs, what would you do? Travel and shop. Luckily, I get to do this by being involved in the dog show world.

1. Tell us three conformation characteristics you consider criti- cal in your breeding program. Structure, movement and attitude. 2. What dog that you have bred have you been most excited about and why? MBISS AM Bronze GCH / CAN CH Qoccle’s Imua Kealoha “Ollie.” He has produced the most amazing off- springs. They are all very healthy with wonderful structure, move- ment and attitude. Several of his offsprings have excelled in the ring. He is the son of the famous World / Multi CH Qoccle’s Oliverlightsome. I thank Nicoletta Pollini for this boy. 3. What are your thoughts on importing and exporting? I believe that importing and export- ing is very important. Importing gives you access to the best lineage in the World. Exporting permits your off- springs to obtain international titles. It also permits me to assist in improving other lines. It is our job as Breeders to improve our breed. 4. To date, what has been your high point as a breeder?



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