Top Notch Toys January 2017

17. If you were starting a ken- nel, would you buy a bitch first or a dog? Explain. I would buy the best bitch I could find. Then, I would rely on the breeder of that bitch to help me select a stud dog that would compliment her. 18. What three words best describe your breed? Only three??? Hmmmm. Affectionate, Attentive, Confident, Versatile and Stubborn 19. What is the single biggest mis- conception about your breed? That the yorkie is only a lap dog. This is a very versatile breed that does well in many venues includ- ing conformation, obedience, rally, agility, tracking, free style dance, and earth dog. 20. What is the most defin- ing physical characteristics of your breed? The blue and tan silk coat. The Yor- kie is not a tri-colored dog (ie parti) or a “rare” brown or gold color. The coat should be cool to the touch. Whether the dog is 4# or 6#, it should be balanced.

are happy to see me. They are loving, playful, and love to travel in the RV. 13. What grooming tips or hints would you like to share? My show dogs are bathed weekly and re-wrapped as needed during the week. My retired Yorkies are cut down which makes grooming easier. Bath time is when I check my dogs over thoroughly for anything out of the ordinary. 14. What makes this breed a great show dog as well as companion. Watching a yorkie in full coat move effortlessly around the ring is beautiful. I will only show Yorkies that want to be shown. If the “here I am…pick me” attitude is not there, I will place them in a pet home. My Yorkies are dogs first and show dogs second. 15. What tips and advice would you offer a new comer? Go to shows and talk to breeders/ exhibitors but after they have shown. Find the type of dog you like then talk to that breeder about the pos- sibility of obtaining a puppy. Find a

mentor that will work with you, even after the purchase. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions from the breeder. Don’t settle for second best. Save your money and buy the best you can afford. Read! There are many books available about the show yorkie. Be informed about the breed and what you want before your purchase. Also, be patient. You may have to wait for a puppy to become available. 16. How do you determine the stud dog you will select to be bred to your bitch? I usually use on of my own males when possible, especially on a maiden bitch. I look at the pedigrees to see if they compliment each other. What can the male give to the puppies to improve the breed? If I am going to use an outside male, I plan to contact Helen Scott for a pedigree on the dog to make sure there are no Q registrations in the pedigree. I will also see if the breeder has had the dog health tested and if he has a CHIC number. Although that may not be a determining factor, it is nice to know the breeder cares enough to have her dog’s health tested.


I was watching a televised dog show and fell in love with the elegant looking Yorkie with facial furnishings down to its feet. 2. What attracted you to the breed? I loved the flowing silky coat and small size. 3. Do you inbreed, linebreed or outcross? Why? I use all three. Inbreeding and line- breeding are the same thing except for the closeness of relationship there is between the two dogs. It is useful when trying to establish a specific trait in the next generation. I use outcrossing to improve a specific trait. 4. How do you house your dogs? (together, separate, runs or pens) Most of the time, they are housed all together with everyone having their own crate at night. 5. Do you feed supplements? I use several supplements that are backed by scientific driven data. 6. Where to you whelp your bitches?

Whelping takes place in my master bedroom and they spend their first two weeks by my bedside. 7. How and when do you deter- mine a show quality puppy? I like to make the first cut between 10-12 weeks. They have lost some of the puppy fat and really start showing the outline of what they will become. 8. At what age do you begin training? Learning to be held and handled starts at about four weeks. Being comfortable on the table and having someone hold them in a stack posi- tion begins at about 10 weeks. But only for a few minutes a day. Please share training tips. I want my dog to look up at me and use his ears so we practice with the whole litter walking around stopping and telling them to stand and giving a treat as soon as they stop and look. It progresses from there to actually self stacking as they get older. 9. Do you thing your current standard is adequate?

I have been exhibiting Yorkies in conformation for ten years. My hus- band Tim and I have been married for 36 years and currently live in Colorado. I am a member of our local All-Breed club and the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America. I also serve on the YTCA health committee. 1. When and where did you first become interested in your breed?

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