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Our standard is fine with the excep- tion of the DQ about correct color. The present wording has present- ed some judges with a dilemma on how it should be interpreted. It is cur- rently being rewritten to better reflect the goals of the breed. 10. What is the great health con- cern to breeders today? There are several health concerns but I believe the latest one which appears to be cropping up more recent- ly is PLE. 11. Is dental care important? Dental care is extremely impor- tant in our breed. Our dogs have small mouths which typically produce small- er teeth. Regular cleaning is mandatory for their health. 12. What do you enjoy most about owning this breed? I love the spunky, smart aleck attitude. 13. What grooming tips or hints would you like to share? Maintaining a clean coat is of prime importance. Regular nail trim- ming, ear cleaning and removal of the hair between the pads of feet help keep a healthy dog.

14. What makes this breed a great show dogs as well as a companion? Yorkies are playful and loving. Their devotion to their owners is excep- tional and they adapt well to changing environments. 15. What tips or advice would you offer the newcomer? Study the breed carefully. Do your homework. Visit shows and ask exhibi- tors questions. Most of them are happy to educate once they are done showing in the ring. 16. How do you determine the stud dog you will select to breed to your bitch? I look at the sire of the stud dog and what he has produced with consisten- cy. The stud dog I select needs to mesh well with my pedigree and have the qualities I feel will enhance my bitch.

17. If you were starting a ken- nel would you buy a bitch first or a dog? I would prefer a bitch to start how- ever they can be difficult to come by. A dog may be easier to purchase for your first Yorkshire Terrier as breeders are more likely to sell a male. 18. What three words best describe your breed? Tenacious, attentive, affectionate. 19. What is the single biggest mis- conception about your breed? That they are “pretend” grown up dogs due to their size. People who don’t know the breed have the miscon- ception Yorkies are fearful do nothing but bark! 20. What is the most defin- ing physical characteristic of your breed? The beautiful blue and tan silk coat. 1. When and where did you first become interested in your breed? I met my first Yorkie in the early eighties. A very feisty little girl with atti- tude to spare. She was irresistible. 2. What attracted you to the breed? The glamorous silky hair combined with the terrier sparkle and joy for life. 3. Do you inbreed, linebreed or outcross? Why? I feel line breeding and inbreed- ing is the best way to set type and expose virtues and faults in your line. An occasional outcross to bring in traits you need is fine but then you should go back to your line. If you look at the best breeders in any breed, you will learn to recognize their dogs by sight. 4. How do you house your dogs? (together, separate, runs or pens) My dogs run and play together all day, but show dogs sleep in 3x3’s at night and when there is no one home. Terriers will fight and seriously maim


career in Real Estate Property Man- agement. Bill and I met on a plane while traveling for business and the rest is history. We’ve been breeding and showing dogs since 1989. Our first breed is Yorkshire Terriers. We’ve bred over 20 Champions within a limited breeding program. My hus- band Bill loves the dogs and is very supportive of the dog shows. He usually takes care of the stay at home dogs while I go to the shows with friends. It’s a time consuming labor of love for him. I’ve been an active mem- ber of both local and Natl. breed clubs, serving on boards and committees. In 2004 I saw my first Toy Fox Terrier at a show and fell in love. Both breeds get along well together. We jokingly call our TFT’s “Yorkies without hair”. We have finished five champion Toy Fox. We have 13 grandchildren ages from three to 30 and 3 great-grandchildren. Being retired has given us a lot more time to do both family and doggie events. We are loving every minute of it!

I raised and showed Tennessee Walking Horses for many years. After moving to “the city” I had an active

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