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First, let me thank Top Notch Toys for inviting me to participate in the Yorkshire Terrier Breeder Forum. I cannot remember ever being with- out a dog since my very first, a Cocker Spaniel, who I am told actually slept under my baby bed. A Dalmatian followed and I later shared my Dad’s interest in his Weimaraners. I have always loved sporting dogs and have had the pleasure of owning two German Shorthaired Pointers. I have bred and shown my Yorkshire Terriers under the Cameo prefix. Maltese were a second breed for a few years, but I have since returned to my first love, which are my Yorkies. I have maintained a very limited breeding program over the years and have proudly breeder/owner/handled BIS CH. Cameo’s Talk of the Town, a Yorkie, and BISS, BIS CH. Cameo’s Andrew, a Maltese. My current endeav- or is a Yorkie bitch, Cameo’s May I Have This Dance, who recently fin- ished her Championship with all wins from the Bred By Exhibitor Class. Showing my own breeding has been my passion. 1. When and where did you first become interested in your breed? I believe I first became interested in Yorkies in the early 1960’s. I had seen a Yorkie with a lady in a shopping center, stopped her and admired this little dog and it went from there. 2. What attracted you to the breed? The beautiful blue and gold colors and spunky attitude in this little package. 3. Do you inbreed, linebreed or outcross? Why? I have never inbred a litter, but that’s not to say I would not. I try to linebreed and will outcross to bring in new blood and features I am trying to improve. 4. How do you house your dogs? (together, separate, runs or pens) My dogs are housed in separate pens, mainly due to a work sched- ule that did not permit leaving them loose all day without supervision. I do have inside exercise pens for bad weather and exercise pens on the patio where the dogs can run and play.

Adjacent to the dog room is my sun- room where we also enjoy playtime. 5. Do you feed supplements? I do not normally feed supplements. I do not feed supplements on a daily basis and feel that a high quality diet provides essential nutrients. A veteri- narian recommended Pet-Tinic for preg- nant bitches which I do use. 6. Where to you whelp your bitches? My pregnant bitches live in my bedroom and that is where the puppies are whelped. 7. How and when do you deter- mine a show quality puppy? I will evaluate my puppies at three to six months. I look for overall type and any obvious faults (i.e., bad bite). Topline, movement, attitude, coat texture and color (is this puppy going to be too light) are issues to be considered. 8. At what age do you begin train- ing? Please share training tips. I will start stacking the puppies on the table at about weaning age. Playtime and socializing is so impor- tant in developing that “look at me” attitude you want for a show dog. You can begin “bait training” at a young age and encouraging the puppy to follow you before you even begin lead training. 9. Do you thing your current standard is adequate? If not, what changes would improve it?

The only issue I have with the current Standard is the Disqualification (DQ). I would like to see the intent of the DQ more clearly defined—a Yorkie is not a parti-colored dog. 10. What is the great health con- cern to breeders today? In my opinion, Liver Shunt. There are other health issues and the York- shire Terrier Club of America, Inc. Health Committee has been very pro- active in providing heath screenings at the specialties. The YTCA Foundation supports medical research and educational opportunities benefiting our breed and shares information on health issues with Yorkie owners and breeders. You may wish to visit their website for fur- ther information on the YTCA Health Committee and Foundation. 11. Is dental care important? Explain Dental care is important and should begin at home and at an early age to get your Yorkie used to hav- ing their teeth cleaned. A lack of dental care not only causes halitosis, periodontal disease, pain and tooth loss, but can also affect other areas like the heart and kidneys. 12. What do you enjoy most about owning this breed? I love their Terrier attitude that can be lots of fun to live with. They also make a very devoted companion and “bed buddy”.


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