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been my mentor and my inspiration through Estugo’s 35 year journey. Johnny Robinson and Morris How- ard became friends from the beginning, considering that we both were compet- ing with each other here in the South. As a matter of fact, at the insistence of Johnny, I became a member of The Yorkshire Terrier Club of America. He was one of my sponsors and at the time he was President of the YTCA. I met Barbara Wolferman (Mayfair- Barban)—a retired Broadway actress —at a Specialty in which her dog Ch. Mayfair-Barban Verikoko was compet- ing against my Ch. Estugo’s Stargazer for BIS. She was the most gracious lady and always had kind words for my dogs. From that moment we became casual friends at shows. Verikoko won. I never met Ann Seranne. I was attending one of my first shows and this incredible Yorkie won BOB and Group I. I decided to stay to see the outcome, wow! He went BIS. I remem- ber this dog clearly because he had two things that were not common in the early 70s: a dead level topline and a gay tail. He had a great impact and influence on me and from that moment on, I decided my Yorkies had to have symmetry, silhouette, bal- ance and definitely and categorically a gay tail. After the show I went to see his owner wrap his coat patiently, meticulous, symmetrically perfect, “I REMEMBER THIS DOG CLEARLY BECAUSE HE HAD TWO THINGS THAT WERE NOT COMMON IN THE EARLY 70S: A DEAD LEVEL TOPLINE AND A GAY TAIL.”


and to this day I wrap my dogs the same way. The breeder was Morris Howard and the Yorkie was Ch. Trivar’s Suds Sipper, eventually he accumulated 19 BIS. Trivar’s name was coined from TRI Variety representing the three varieties of Poodles, since Poodles were their ini- tial interest of Morris and Johnny; how- ever, “this interest was short-lived”. Morris said, “We could not take the ‘heat’ in the Poodle ring—the artistic grooming and the competition of such professionals as Anne Rogers Clark and Wendell Sammet. Ironically, once they started breeding and showing Yorkies, Wendell became the exclusive Mayfair- Barban handler. Their first Yorkie was Ch. Bambi Lass and also their foundation bitch. Bambi was of Martynwyn and Invincia bloodlines, her grand sire was Ch. Don Carlos of Progresso. Bambi was bred to Trivar’s Big Ben whose grandsires were Ch. Stirkean Chota Sahib and Ch. Wil- low Pagham. One of his grandsires was Ch. Splendour of Invicia. The breeding of Big Ben X Bambi Lass produced Tri- var’s Contessa, the most successful of Trivar’s brood bitches. Contessa pro- duced ten champions. She is the dam of the 1971 Westminster BOB winner, Ch. Trivar’s Tycoon sired 54 champions. Before Contessa, Trivar had import- ed several bitches from Mrs. P. Charlton Haw of the Astolat kennel in England. Morris told me that she was a charac- ter. “Bobbie” was a pin-up girl for the World War I ‘Doughboys’. When we met her at her old age at Crufts, she was still glamorous in her red pantsuit showing a Yorkie. Also, Trivar imported Rupert de Plata Pina who carried a heavy con- centration of Clu-Mor bloodlines. Ch. Trivar’s Cookie Monster, Tycoon’s son and a grandson of Ch. Wildweir Fair N’Square won ten BIS and sired 49 champions. In all, Trivar has bred or owned over 110 champions. Trivar dogs had a good structure and good temperament. Argu- ably, Trivar’s heads were a bit Terrier, ear sets were too far apart, the gold

was rich but not shaded, the blue was dark and modified and wavy at times. Trivar’s foundation dog Ch. Dandy Dia- mond of Mayfair “was a tall structure dog with sooty head and cottony tex- ture”, a breeder who knew the dog well, told me. Morris passed away in January, 1993 and Johnny in November, 2005. Some kennels who had Trivar lines: Jay-Jay, Mrs. Waterfield, Virginia; Prestwick, Robert and Sally Yancey, North Carolina and Caraneal, Georgette Franzoni, Virginia. Anne Seranne started Mayfair in Newton, New Jersey in 1960, six years later it became Mayfair-Barban when Barbara Wolferman became Anne’s partner. Mayfair-Barban foundation bitch was Am. and Can. Ch. Topsey of Tolestar, bred by Ethel Tole (England). Topsey was bought from Mr. and Mrs. Lerner and after she finished her championship was sold to Mayfair-Barban. She was top winning bitch in 1960 and 1961. Judg- ing from black/white pictures at 18 months old, she appeared to have sooty head, no furnishing and black. Ch. Dandy Diamond of Mayfair was by Kelpie’s Belziehill Dondy out of Ch. Topsey of Telestar. Topsey dam and Wildweir Sorreldene Salome were litter sisters. Diamond sired 13 champi- ons, including Ch. Trivar’s Bon Vivant and Ch. Mayfair Oddfella, a winner of 12 Groups. In 1967, Ch. Gaytonglen Teddy of Mayfair (Eng. and Am. Ch. Progress of Progresso X Gaytonglen Golden Tamie (eight lbs. brood bitch) was purchased from Doris Craig of Virginia. The ideas was by bringing Progresso will down size and improved color and texture. Teddy won four BIS, 26 Groups and sired 26 champions. Doris Craig, a friend whom I visited numer- ous times was never permitted to breed to Teddy. Teddy’s daughter, Ch. Mayfair- Barban Yam N’ Yelly was a BIS win- ner and his son, Ch. Mayfair-Barban Mocha Mousse was a group winner and

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