Top Notch Toys January 2017



ROBERT OWEN I live in Elizabethtown, KY,

and am a retired public school educator. I am currently the President of the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America so I spend a lot of my time work- ing on board business. When I am not doing that, I travel with my family, solve Sudoku and crossword puzzles, and generally enjoy retirement! I

I am from Southern California. Outside of dogs, I breed, train and exhibit Arabian horses. I’ve been in the dog world for over fifty years, showing for over 45 years and judging for 16 years. KATHLEEN KOLBERT I live in Naugatuck, Con-

bought my first Yorkie 47 years ago and began showing her a few months later. Yorkies have been my passion ever since. After finishing quite a few champions and judging numer- ous matches and sweepstakes, I applied to the AKC to judge in 2009.

necticut. In the summer time I work in the gardens. Also when time permits, I am an avid reader of James Patterson, Danielle Steel and Sidney Shel- don. I have been in dogs 52 years, showing for 50 years and judging for 37 years.

1. Describe the breed in three words. CH: Longhaired Toy Terrier. KK: Elegant, vigorous and self-important. RO: Elegant, lively and loving.

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