Top Notch Toys June 2017


W hat Dream Dog trip would you like to take? The World Show, Crufts and National Specialties. What is one important message for judges? Be gentle with Toy dogs, Look for great type along with structure. Do you have other hobbies besides dogs? Hang gliding, race horses, dressage horses, Travel. Funniest thing you have ever had happen in the ring? Panty hose falling down, me falling down (not getting hurt) with skirt over my head! ORIGINAL QUESTIONS:

Feelings on National Clubs versus Local clubs?

Local clubs are an excel- lent starting point if All Breed or Specialty Club. National clubs are often difficult to join and the distance makes it hard for people that work. Thoughts on negative Facebook Postings? Not a good thing for public participation, sad to see all the negative posts.

Right: Owned, bred and photographed by Dale Martenson

NEW QUESTIONS: • What show in this country (USA) would you love to attend but never have? • Do you feel you learn about your breed at the important shows in New York and Orlando? Be specific. • Do you follow a favorite “special” in or out of your breed? • What professional Toy handler do you most admire and why? A REPEAT QUESTION: • What have you always wanted to ask a judge but were too afraid to ask?

Remember, Inquiring minds want to know—keep our slogan in mind when allocating your advertising dol- lars. “DON’T GET LOST IN THE OTHER MAGAZINES, STAY FOUND IN TOP NOTCH TOYS! ” Win lots more, love and enjoy your dogs as well as other pets. Send your answers to me for possi- ble publication, minus names. Inquiring minds want to know! Bonnie 863.738.8848

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