Top Notch Toys June 2017


I n April I had the honor of judg- ing for NGKC, National General Kennel Club, in Shenyang and Nanjing, China, with my good friend Honey Glendinning. Mr. Lewis Li is the CEO of NGKC, which was estab- lished in 2005 with lovely offices in Bei- jing and approximately 40 employees. NGKC judges closely to the AKC system and our Standards. We had the pleasure of being escort- ed by Vicky Zhao and Kane Wang. Vicky is the International Department Manag- er and has worked for NGKC since 2012. She is in charge of US, Canadian and Asian judges and arranges schedules, hotels, meals, tours and transportation.

She has been to the US four times in this capacity. Kane, who has also been to the US, graduated in 2013 from Beijing Technical Institute, majoring in English. This was the first time NGKC had held a dog show at the Pet Fair in Shenyang, which is an enormous state- of-the-art facility featuring booths and vendors of every kind imaginable. It was quite impressive. Honey judged the morning show in Shenyang. Her Best Baby Puppy was a white Toy Poodle, Best Puppy was a Pug and Best in Show was also a Toy Poodle. I judged the afternoon show. There were some very experienced han- dlers, but many were new to the sport.

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