Top Notch Toys June 2017

Earlier in the day, Honey had given them handling tips, at times through an inter- preter, which made my job much easier. I often had to instruct the handlers to slow down, but then again I have to do that in the states as well. My Best Baby Puppy was a Golden Retriever that showed self-confidence and great promise. Honey’s Best Baby Puppy was a white Toy Poodle named “Katrina”, handled and owned by Qin Kaijun. My Best Puppy in Show was a Papillon: “Model”, handled and owned by Zhang Fan. My Best in Show was the Toy Poodle: “PRC-CH Princess” handled and owned by Li Shujuan. I later learned that this was the same Poodle awarded Best in Show by Honey earlier in the day. Her elegant presentation and exquisite head drew me in. Honey spoke of her beautiful breed type and that she was extremely well balanced with an atti- tude representative of the breed. After judging, I had the pleasure of visiting with Jun Zhao who won Best of Breed with his Havanese, Ch. Ever- top’s YaDang. He had a lovely puppy, That’s Evertop’s Prince of Choko, that showed great promise. He was breed by Steven Shen. We took the Bullet train to Nan- jing, traveling approximately 300 MPH where Honey and I judged at another fine venue with many quality dogs. My choice for Best Baby Puppy was a lovely Bichon Frise. My Best Puppy was a Golden Retriever followed closely by a beautiful Pekingese, Pana Niu, owned by Chen Wen. Honey also placed the Pekingese in her final line up. By the

time the Pekingese got to Honey he was extremely tired, it had been a long day, but at the same time she credited it for its breed type, the proper head planes, under jaw and well built front. My Best in Show 1 was a French Bulldog with Best in Show 2 going to the Papillion owned and beautifully presented by David Fong. Honey also placed a Pom in her Best Baby Puppy line up. Honey said, “The Pomeranian had a beautiful head, cor- rect eyes, lovely ear size, good tail set, short coupled and clean moving.” Her Best in Show was a Toy Poodle. Honey commented later, “When I think of a Toy Poodle, she is what I imagine the breed to be. I would consider her competitive in any competition any- where in the world.” In addition to judging the dogs, I was given the opportunity to judge the Han- dlers Graduation Certification. There are three levels—A, B and C. Once they reach the Master Level, then they can teach handling. I was sorry to have missed the Grooming Competition as it greatly intrigued me. I was told that the han- dlers are judged by those who have won many grooming competitions and are competent and proficient in all types of coats. Vicky and Kane were gracious hosts introducing us to the beauty of China: its culture, food and people. We stayed at 5-star hotels, ate at beautiful, authentic restaurants and enjoyed vis- iting many historical sites. My favorite part was the zoo in Beijing where we saw pandas.

30 • T op N otch T oys , J une 2017

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