Showsight Presents The Bedlington Terrier

THE BEDLINGTON TERRIER By Lucy Heyman I never really fully appreciated the exceptional qualities of my Bed- lington Terriers until I owned and operated a public boarding kennel and had to care for many di ff erent breeds. Th e constant “ see a Bedlington’s tender

Now that’s a testimonial. They are engaging, they are endearing and if you can get to the grooming shop regu- larly, the rest of it is a cakewalk. Much has be said and written over the years about the ferocity of an aroused Bedlington, their ability to kill prey and their unpredictable rival- ry with other dogs, but to see a Bed- lington’s tender affection for a stranger in a nursing home is an amazing sight. affection for a stranger in a nursing home IS AN AMAZING SIGHT.”

clean up of copious amounts of hair; the nervous and unsure dogs that refused to eat and drink; the dogs that resisted nec- essary grooming care all came as a rude awakening to me. My credo became, “Oh, if I could only a ff ord to limit my clientele to Terrier breeds, primarily Bedlingtons, life would be wonderful!” Af ter over 30 years of breeding and exhibit ing Bedl ington Terriers, I never t ire of l istening to my cl ient s’ superlat ives about the breed: “I can’t imagine going through l i fe without a Bedl ington”, “I’ve a lways wanted a Bedl ington since I saw one when I was nine years old”, “I’m glad I didn’t have to go through l i fe without knowing how wonder ful Bedl ingtons are”, “We had other breeds a f ter our Bedl ington, but want another one” and the best of a l l, “If I had known how great Bedl ingtons were, I would not have had chi ldren!”

Th ey are tremendously e ff ective ther- apy dogs and we already have a few that have earned recognition from the Ameri- can Kennel Club for their therapy work. Did you know that Bed l ing tons can compete succes sfu l ly in lure coursing? We now have a few t it le- holders in that pursuit . The breed ha s excel led in the va r ious other per formance event s that they a re el igi lble for.


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