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Like all mammals, Bedlingtons suf- fer from a few other inherited diseases, but the majority of identified maladies in the the breed are not life threatening and nor are they difficult to manage. The parent club opted to participate in the Canine Health Information Center established by the Orthopedic Founda- tion For Animals and the tests desig- nated for registration in the scheme are the aforementioned DNA Markers for Copper Toxicosis, OFA Patellar Luxa- tion clearance after the first birthday and a yearly eye exam by a ACVO certified ophthalmologist. Despite the low population, the need for rescue efforts arises occasion- ally. Our breed fancy started organized rescue in the late 80s before the prac- tice was widespread. A Bedlington has never gone wanting for care and a new home, thanks to some conscientious and dedicated fanciers. One of the greatest testimonials for the breed occurred with a dog that I personally rescued. He was imported from Russia by a Missouri puppy mill- er, passed along to another puppy mill in Kansas that was raided. We were notified that there was a male Bedling- ton in a state authorized shelter, how- ever he was considerably larger than the standard. I was able to get the dog released after being neutered and I test- ed his DNA markers for copper toxico- sis which would also affirm that he was pure-bred. He was and a non-carrier, so I sent him to a new home shortly thereafter. What was truly remarkable, was his easy adjustment, after 6 years of being kenneled in puppy mills and shelters, he acclimated to his new home without missing a beat! So what do you think? A 20-pound dog that you can carry under your arm, that doesn’t shed or have a doggy odor, is happy with whatever life brings them, and is so very versatile that it can perform at a high level with other breeds that are specialized in the event. If you ever had one, you would raving with my clients!

ber of the now disbanded Palm Valley Kennel Club, the Corpus Christi Ken- nel Club and is currently a member of the Houston Kennel Club. In addition to the parent club, Lucy is also a mem- ber of the U.S. Lakeland Terrier Club and the American Fox Terrier Club. She serves as a Director of the Hous- ton All Terrier Club, newly licensed to hold AKC events. Lucy has served 6 terms as Corresponding Secretary of the Bedlington Terrier Club of Amer- ica, Inc., as well as it’s Awards Chair- man and has been rescuing since 1988. She is Chairman of the Bedlington Terrier Wellness and Rescue Associa- tion, a 501(c)3 charity and is on the President’s Council of the AKC Canine Health Foundation. To date, Lucy has completed the AKC title requirements on 158 Bed- lington Terriers, several Lakelands and both coats of Fox Terriers, most of them being home bred. She is also the co-owner of an Airedale Terrier that finished specialty weekend in Ft. Worth. She has 7 all time top producers to her credit, including the top produc- ing Bedlington Terrier dam of all time. As the AKC Gazette columnist since 2005 until recently, Lucy’s col- umns were focused on the interpre- tation of the breed standard using a group of breeders designated as Breed- ers of Distinction by the parent club Awards Committee. She assisted edit- ing The Official Book of The Bed- lington Terrier and Bedlington Ter- rier with Muriel Lee. She contributed to An Eye For The Second Century by Ian Phillips and has written for sev- eral publications such as “Just Terri- ers”, “Tassels and Tales”, and “Terrier Type” in addition to being an invited guest columnist and regular columnist in the AKC Gazette . Lucy has been a Judges Education Presenter since 1994. 19402 Kuykendahl Road Spring, TX 77379 (281)772-3468

BIO Lucy Heyman has been active in canine sports since 1979 when she finished the Championship title on her first Bedlington Terrier at the National Specialty held at the Mont- gomery County Kennel Club. He was never used in the breeding program, but the puppy bitch, who was Reserve at Devon was to be the foundation of her Carillon breeding program. To date, Ch. Claremont Lana has nearly 700 Champion descendants and many individuals that excel in performance events. Lucy joined the parent club in 1979 and is now a life member, being awarded the prestigious Willemson Breed Betterment Award in 2007. Lucy was also active in all breed clubs, being a founding Board Member and Corresponding Secretary of the Tyler Texas Kennel Club in 1981 and is still a member. She was also a mem-

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