Showsight Presents The Chow Chow

“the ChOW staNDarDs all reqUIre that OUr ChOWs be sqUare aND are qUIte explICIt abOUt the COrreCt prOpOrtIONs fOr the breeD.”

“One of the key factors in

vision and if approached from the side or from the rear, may be startled by an unex- pected hand. After completing examina- tion of the head, the judge should con- tinue their hands-on examination in an uninterrupted flow, moving from front to side to rear. One of the key factors in evaluation is the balance and proportion of the exhibit. Th is may be referred to as the “make and shape” of the dog. Th e Chow standards all require that our Chows be square and are quite explicit about the correct proportions for the breed. Th e judge must carefully examine the head of the chow to determine if there are any disqualifications. Th e AKC standard defines the breed disqualifications (which are all on the head): Chow Chow Disqualifications (AKC standard) Drop ear or ears. A drop ear is one which breaks at any point from its base to its tip or which is not carried sti ffl y erect but lies parallel to the top of the skull. evaluation is the balaNCe aND prOpOrtION Of the exhIbIt.”

“the JUDGe mUst CarefUlly examINe the heaD Of the ChOW tO DetermINe If there are aNy DIsqUalIfICatIONs.”

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