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I live in Ocean Pines, MD on the eastern shore. I enjoy spending time with my family, particularly my granddaughter. I also like antique shopping and visiting with friends. I have had dogs all my life—growing up with hunting Setters, Pointers and Spaniels. My first show dog was an English Setter in 1965 and I started handling in 1970, retiring from handling in 1991. I was approved for the entire Sporting Group in 1991 and now also judge Working Group, Hound Group, Misc., Best in Show and Junior Showmanship.

I live in Center Cross, Virginia. Outside of dogs, I am the Executive Director for the Ledwith-Lewis Free Clinic. I have been involved in dogs for my entire life—55 years. I have been showing for 46 years and judging for 21 years. HONEY ANNE GLENDINNING I live in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. I started in show dogs back in 1968. Then as soon as my Irish Setter was old enough, I started showing him. I have been a Canadian All Breed Judge for 27 years. Then to challenge myself further I became an AKC judge. In that system I have Sporting, two Hounds, Almost all Working, Herding, two Non-Sporting, Best in Show and Juniors.

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