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do vary depending on time of year, etc. The breed seems very homogenous, probably due to a small gene pool, compared to some of the larger numbered gun dogs. 8. Is there anything else you’d like to share about the breed? MA: I wish we saw more of them being exhibited in the breed rings so it would give the judges an opportunity to be able to compare the breed against one another. MF: I would like to acknowledge the dedicated breeders who continue to preserve this wonderful breed, and who always demonstrate passion, professionalism—in and out of the ring. HG: Overtime as you see anyone at a show who seems interested in your breed… make time for them! The more they can learn the better off for the breed. “overtime As you see Anyone At A show who seems interested in your breed… MAKE TIME FOR THEM! the more they cAn leArn

JR: I am fortunate enough to be judging the National this year and am looking forward to it.

9. And, for a bit of humor: What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever experienced at a dog show? MA: Many years ago, while exhibiting in a Sporting Group under Ed Bracey, my wrap-around skirt became untied while I was moving my dog down and back. It fell off right in front of the judge. I handed him the lead while I put my skirt back on, then proceeded to move my exhibit around to the end of the line. I did place in that Group! MF: There are too many to name just one. HG: Far too many. I have had exhibitors tell me if I ran them around one more time they would loose their slip. My answer was, “Oh well, take them around.” And the result was she lost it. VL: I have a bad memory for funny things happening in my ring—never could remember good jokes no matter how hard I tried. Perhaps the most recent was a child showing his Pekingese that, when I asked him to make a small circle and put his dog on the table, walked a circle around the examination table and picked up his dog and placed him carefully on the table. Teach me to be more accurate in what I was asking him to do! WP: A number of years ago, when I did my first Hound Group Assignment, the temperatures that day were extremely high and I realized that I should have worn a hat. Bob Waters, who had offered to ring steward for me offered to lend me his fedora. One of handlers, who was a mutual friend of both of us, turned to Bob and said in a “stage” whisper. “That will not fit Walter, he needs a ‘square hat’.” The ringside and myself broke out in laughter. JR: I have had many funny experiences in my judging career, but one of my favorites was at the American Pointer National when I told an exhibitor down and back and instead of saying loose lead, I said, “Drop the lead” and he did as the dog sauntered off into the sunset. AH: Some things funny during my judging career? Well, there are lots of humorous and sometimes not so funny. It is always a new experience! I do remember once when I was running to catch a flight back when you could and I missed a group photo for someone. The photographer was great and told me they could Photoshop me in later. Imagine my surprise when later that month I saw a picture of me at that show, in a publication, awarding a Group One to a Hound, and I don’t judge Hounds! Oops!

the better off for the breed.”

VL: I love judging the breed because I never know how they are going to trip me up—literally and figuratively. They can be somewhat unpredictable! I do appreciate it when the owners/breeders have taken the time to do the neces- sary socializing and training of their young charges to bring them in the ring looking at their best. WP: While preparing myself to do an Irish Water Spaniel Regional Specialty, I came across an article written in the FCI breed standard, which to that point I was not aware of. “The curly liver coat has definitely a purple hue to it.”

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