Showsight - July 2021

ONE TIME OFFER: Purchase an advertisement in our SHOWSIGHT BREEDERS-KENNEL ISSUE and we will showcase your kennel AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE until AUGUST OF 2022—Nationwide and Internationally. Many breeders feel that this is a deal of the century. 1-Page Full-Color Ad $475 2-Page Full-Color Ad $875 ADD AN ADDITIONAL PAGE FOR ONLY $425 *All ads include full-color customdesign, revisions & photos - You can include as many dogs as you would like.*

SHOWSIGHT is the only All-Breed Publication to launch an educational breed publication for All AKC-Registered Breeds: All 197 of them.

BOOK TODAY! Contact Meegan, Ryan or AJ to get started on your kennel showcase today. RYAN TEPERA CALL/TEXT: 512.851.1256 RYAN@SHOWSIGHTMAGAZINE.COM AJ ARAPOVIC CALL/TEXT 512.541.8128 AJ@ARAMEDIAGROUP MEEGAN PIEROTTI-TIETJE CALL/TEXT: 512.593.5517 MEEGAN@SHOWSIGHTMAGAZINE.COM Please visit to see all 197 Breed Magazines. You, your dogs, and your kennel should be showcased in your breed magazine, and we aren’t just talking advertisement—but in our editorial as well. Each Breed Magazine has just launched, and not a week or month will go by that more articles and interviews with breeders like yourself won’t be published—at no charge. Every day, we have judges, breeders, and exhibitors tell us how much they love our breed magazines.


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