Showsight - July 2021


photo courtesy of Derek Glas Photography

1. The past year has been unlike anything the (dog show) world has experienced. How did you spend your time preparing for this year’s assignment? It gave me the opportunity to work more with my own dogs, thus getting better in touch with the soul of dogs. Truly, one prepares during their lifetime for judging dogs. Even with the pandemic, that’s probably not enough time to get it right. Research in dogs has always been an impor- tant passion for me. Thus, much time was spent going through my library and re-reading the works of the experts on the breeds. My vast files, given to me by the late Doro- thy Macdonald who received them from Thelma Brown (Mrs. Curtis), also contributed to my use of pandemic time. Equally important were the materials provided by parent clubs at seminars and nationals over the years. 2021 WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB BEST IN SHOW JUDGE Trotter Patricia 2. The show was not held in New York City for the first time in Westminster’s 145-year history. What are your thoughts about the Lyndhurst location? Words cannot describe how thrilled I was by the alternate loca- tion at Lyndhurst. Having previously both exhibited and judged at the estate, I knew immediately the Westminster Kennel Club and its governors had made a wise decision that would please the entire fancy. The mansion, the grounds, the location looking down on the Hudson River, and the ambience promised a special experi- ence—which it was. 3. Since the Groups were not judged at Madison Square Garden this year, did the night “ feel” different to you in any way? Not at all. WKC had, indeed, moved The Garden to the Gar- den Spot! When I walked into the arena, the only thing missing for me was my own dog.


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