Showsight - July 2021


BUT ALL SHOW not all pets are show dogs,


_Patricia Trotter

2021 WKC BIS Judge

4. What about the lack of spectators; did you miss the raucous New York crowd? The lack of spectators did not impact things at all, even though I was sorry the entire fancy could not attend. 5. Breed judging was live-streamed each day, and Groups were featured live on Fox Sports. How important is this kind of coverage to purebred dogs? Very important. First of all, it gave true fanciers the oppor- tunity to watch the activities first-hand. Secondly, it gives the average dog owner an opportunity to watch one’s favorite breed up close and personal at the world’s most prominent dog show. 6. Let’s talk about those dogs! How challenging was the assignment? Can you share your selection process? “Those dogs” from your question were superb. Each of them exhibited so many desirable traits of their breed standard. Yes, it was challenging and like splitting hairs. Several of the seven had been awarded multiple Groups and BIS honors by me. It was the first time I ever judged the Pekingese, and I found him to be exceptional. 7. Do you have a word or two about your winner? About the Group winners? The winner absolutely depicts the description of the “little lion” desired by the Pekingese standard. His beautiful and proper head is accentuated by the mane of the lion as well as

the proper pear-shaped and correctly coated body. He stands his ground like the “King of the Jungle” and exhibits the proper Peke profile. The entire line-up was blessed with outstanding represen- tatives of their breeds, thanks to the judges who sent them into the BIS ring. 8. In your opinion, does this year’s show reflect positively on the sport of dogs and on preservation breeders? Absolutely! With the master breeders showing their own dogs, it was a breeder’s dream to judge such a line-up. In many instanc- es, I knew numerous ancestors of the individual before me in the BIS ring. What a thrill to acknowledge so many skilled breeders in any BIS line-up, and especially Westminster Kennel Club. 9. Would you like to share a few words with the members of the Westminster Kennel Club? To the members and staff of the Westminster Kennel Club: You are the Best!!! No doubt about it, you pulled off a show of shows at the 145th Westminster Kennel Club event. The venue and your use of it is unparalleled in my 70 years of showing dogs. The fancy will always remember your extravaganza at Lyndhurst in 2021. 10. Have you got any advice to offer next year’s Group & BIS judges? Like we always do, try to get it right. And remember to enjoy the moment.


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