Showsight - July 2021




2. Was there ever any doubt that the show wouldn’t go on as it has for 145 years? Surely this was uncharted territory. The club was very fortunate that we had time on our side. The world shut down literally weeks after our 2020 event, giving us months to monitor the progression of the pandemic. Starting in March 2020, the club and staff researched several scenarios for the 2021 events, with safety being the North Star. The task was to pre- pare for a variety of outcomes as the world changed daily, so it was a long summer of research and preparation. When the time came to make commitments, the club, with safety in mind, decided to postpone the event and take it outside. 3. The daytime live-streaming of Breed judging is an extraordi- nary gift to the fancy. Is this an essential part of the show’s programming? Thank you for your comment. The daytime streaming is part of our annual coverage from FOX Sports. The Digital team at FOX has said many times that our sport is by far the most compli- cated one they have worked on! Baseball and football are a “walk in the park” next to multiple rings, multiple days, High in Trial, All- American dogs, Smooth Collies vs. Rough Collies, 13" Beagle, etc. It’s a new world for them, but the WKC Communications team and Press Crew work closely with all of the production folks at FOX pre-show, and on event days, to try and get all the verbiage and competitions correct. The incredible WKC Press Crew is made up of longtime dog people who do a fantastic job year after year:. They are Lisa Peter- son, Karl Stearns, Suzi Szeremy, Norma Smith, Jack Grassa, Tilly Grassa, Christina Frausini, Steve Surfman, Antoinelle Vulpis, and Haleigh Mansfield. 4. On television, the tent that was erected for Groups and Best in Show “ felt” just like Madison Square Garden. Was this intentional? Yes, this was intentional. FOX Sports designed the interior of the Group tent, and it was meant to be a miniature Madison Square Garden with a slight art deco feel to complement our set- ting at Lyndhurst. We think they did a fabulous job to make the telecast and the exhibitor experience exceptional. 5. What’s it like to work with co-hosts Chris Myers and Donald Sturz? You three make a great on-air team. As with many elements of the show, this year felt more relaxed, in part, because we have a few years under our belts. But also because Chris was in Tarrytown earlier and I switched my role from PR person to analyst earlier in the weekend, allowing for more time together pre-show. Don and I had a little time to discuss the breed results in advance and just have “dog show talk” together before the telecast. Everyone is so busy coming into the events that finding time to just catch up with each other is often limited. This year was different. It felt so much better. Our Executive Producer at FOX Sports has reminded me that doing four hours of live TV is tough work for a seasoned broadcast professional, so the fact that Don and I do it two nights in a row—just once a year—is an accomplishment. The same is true for Kimberly Meredith

and Jason Hoke who handle the daytime coverage live. We know that we have two audiences watching (the fancy and the general dog lover), so sharing information that educates and entertains is the goal. Working in the booth with Chris and Don is a great experience as they both bring different strengths to the team. I value Chris’ experience and leadership in the booth, and Don has such a great calm about him… and then when he flashes that awesome smile, it lifts me up. Promoting the club and events all year long to lead up to the Group nights is an overwhelming crescendo for me. I’m living and breathing WKC as my regular job, so watching all the elements come together for those two nights is a unique experience. A special “thank you” to the women who support us in the booth. We have a fabulous team of broadcast researchers who work behind the scenes and in the booth to ensure accurate, fun content. This is the team I want to go into battle with. They’re a smart, resourceful crew: Katherine Wright, Anna Gracie, Natalie Hol- linger, and Rachel Robertson. 6. Where do you find the energy to accompany the Westminster winner on the media tour that follows BIS? Have you gotten any sleep? This is something most people don’t know, but I am generally working on 1 to 2 hours of sleep on the Best in Show Media Tour day! After BIS, we have a press conference, then the after party, and then I get back to the hotel to wake up for hair and makeup at 3 a.m. for a 4:30 a.m. departure. It is such an important day for the club and for the sport because the world is watching the winner. It is our opportunity to share our great story with the world, and so we work all day with the Media to introduce them to our win- ner to talk about the breed and the sport. I know the handlers are exhausted as well, but they too understand the importance of the moment—it’s not just for them, but for the entire sport. 7. How important is it to showcase the enduring legacy of the sport of dogs as the nation re-emerges from the global pandemic? I see an opportunity here: The story of dogs helping people in times of stress; the story of people wanting to add dogs to their families. These storylines are about companionship, and compan- ionship is one of the major themes we use in PR at WKC because it is relevant to all audiences. Loving a dog is Step One. Then, wanting to do something fun with your dog is Step Two. And, finally, learning and engaging in competitions is Step Three. The sport and dog clubs offer a lot of activities that may appeal to new dog owners. And as the workforce is re-shuffling and more people are permanently working from home, this will allow for those daily 15-minute training sessions in the backyard! A huge thank you goes out to all the dog owners who sup- ported the club with pre-show Media appearances, the Press Pre- view event, FOX promo shoot, and on-site interviews. We know this can be tiring, and sometimes an inconvenience, but we are all ambassadors for the sport, and we appreciate having dog owners’ ongoing support.


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