Showsight - July 2021


Where did you grow up? I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, then moved with my mother to North Olmsted and Olmsted Falls, Ohio, in junior high. My father and family contin- ued to live in Pittsburgh, so I still had a deep connection to the city, calling it my hometown. Do you come from a doggy family? If not, how did the interest in breeding and show- ing purebred dogs begin? My mother and I began breeding and showing Siberian Huskies in 1970. She also bred a couple of Doberman Pinscher litters. She started our line with the ken- nel name of Cimmaron, and our last litter together was born in 2000. Along with breeding Siberians with my mother, I bred a litter of Golden Retrievers and co-bred several litters of Boston Terriers and Chihuahuas. Who were your mentors in the sport? Please elaborate on their influence. George Rood, first and foremost. I worked for George as his assistant from the age of 12 until I was 21 years old. I managed all of his kennel operations, from train- ing and billing to the care of the dogs. He was a great handler of all breeds, but most importantly, Dobermans, Boston Terriers, Boxers, Dachshunds, Weimaraners, and Min Pins. I met many great influencers during my time with George as they were his close friends; people such as Dick Cooper, George Ward, George Heitzman and Barbara Alderman, Bobby Barlow, Tom Glassford, Charley Cooper, David Bolus, Jane Kay, Max Riddle, Joe Napolitano, Carlos Rojas, and Pam DeHetre. It was a wonderful time in dogs, but also a lot of hard work as the travel was much different back in those days. Watching the greats in the sport present their dogs—Les and Denny Kodner, Bob and Jane Forsyth, Toddie and Houston Clark, Mike Leath- ers (Billings), John McNamara, Porter Washington, Buddy Dicke, and Pat Craige Trotter (whom I still enjoy to this day)—was a real gift to a young child.


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