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by Teri Murphy, AHTCA President

I began showing dogs around 30+ years ago as a lark. I had purchased a show quality male Keeshond from a well known and respected breeder, Linda Moss of Ashbrook Keeshonden. She invited me to go with her to a show in Virginia and talked me into showing him myself. Little did I know, when he won his class and the judge pointed to me for the win, it was to begin my love for the sport of purebred dogs. I have been very fortunate over the years to have shown and bred a num- ber of AKC Champions in Keeshonden and Chinese Cresteds; including sev- eral Hall of Fame title holders and Spe- cialty winners with the kennel name of WudNshu. During this time, I thought I knew all the hairless breeds in existence. Until one day I began doing some research on the Internet and to my amazement came across a hairless breed I had not heard of called the American Hairless Terrier (AHT). My curiosity began to grow. I knew I had to learn more about them. I did not think I would find them as beautiful as my Chinese Cresteds. After all, they had no flashy furnishings. I was surprised when I was able to meet an American Hairless Terrier in person! I couldn’t stop petting it from head to tail. “Wow!” I thought to myself and finally proclaimed out loud how good the skin felt to me. I continued to pet this dog for some time. It was amazing

to me how good the skin felt, even that tail without a bit of hair on it.. actually, no hair anywhere!! I asked the owner “Do you have to shave your dog?”. She answers “No!” WOW!! Coming from a breed where shaving was as common as brushing ones teeth made me even more curious about this unique breed. After this first meeting, I quickly placed a call to Edwin Scott of Trout Creek Kennel who was listed as the breed’s founder. I had to talk to him and get to know this breed first hand. After many conversations with Mr. Scott I decided to purchase my first AHT. I, along with another person, drove to Louisiana to purchase our first American Hairless Terriers. I must have been a pest to Mr. Scott; as I was trying to soak up as much information about the breed from him as I could. He was a true Southern gentleman and indulged me kindly. I went home with my first 3 American Hairless Terriers and memo- rabilia of past AHT history Mr. Scott gave to me. Looking back 17 years, I see myself sitting on the motel floor with several AHT puppies and asking my friend “what am I getting in to?” What I was getting in to was a breed I would get to know well and love. They are intelligent, easy to train, loyal and have comical personalities. They would bring endless joy not only to me; but also to many who had never before been able to enjoy the pleasure of dog

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