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ownership either due to their own aller- gies or those of loved ones. I became impassioned to see the American Hairless Terrier become known Worldwide for what they would offer their owners and the dog world in general. A true “Made In America” breed. Our journey began in Rare Breed status followed by UKC breed status where we were allowed to flourish and improve on some structural faults we had identified. A continued process even to this day. We had our Champi- ons for the breed whose encourage- ment and support were critical to our growth. Two people I would like to mention are Bonnie Turner, whose Flin- thill AHT kennel was instrumental with the breed’s heritage past, present and future. Her friendship is greatly missed since her passing; and Cindy Cooke, of Anstamn Scottish Terriers, who stood by us as a breed and whose friendship guided us as we grew. A question often asked is “What is the American Hairless Terrier personality like?”.

s 4HE!MERICAN(AIRLESS4ERRIER personality is all Terrier but with an “off” switch. s 4HEYWILLPLAYHARDWHENITISASKED of them and just as easily be your best lap buddy and snuggle happily with you. s 4HEYAREALERT ACTIVEANDINTELLIGENT s 4HEYTRAINEASILYGIVENPROPER socialization as youngsters and proper training. s 4HEYARESMARTENOUGHTOOUTSMART their owners if not paid attention to. s 3OMEWILLBEAGGRESSIVEDIGGERSAND chewers and others not at all. They love to “destuff” stuffed animals, so I caution families with children to put away their toys when play time is over. s !MERICAN(AIRLESS4ERRIERSBOND well with their families. s 4HEYRESPONDWELLTOPOSITIVETRAIN - ing and poorly to negative training. s %XCELINPERFORMANCEEVENTSOFALL types: lure coursing, agility, obedi- ence, barn hunts, terrier racing. s 3OMEREMAINWITHASTRONG prey drive.

s 4HEYMAKEGREATFAMILYDOGSWHEN raised with children. If parents are dog savvy and supervise both child and dog properly. s 3OMEWILLACCEPTSTRANGERSRIGHT away and others will be more leery. s 4HEYWILLALERTBARK s 4HEYTENDTOBEMOREhORALvTHAN other breeds as puppies and must be taught that human skin is not the same as the skin of their littermate. They get their razor sharp puppy teeth at 4 weeks of age. Another common question is: Why is there a coated dog in a hairless breed? Simple! Every hairless breed has a coat- ed variety and we have ours too. Health issues checked for in the breed would be the same as many others. Over- all the American Hairless Terrier is a rela- tively healthy breed. We have seen aller- gies become more prevalent due to the lack a protective hair coat and failure to not use a common sense approach when it comes to protecting the skin. Breeders do DNA testing when available for the breed such as PLL and DM and check Eyes, Heart, Patellas,

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