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LCP if indicated, Liver function and BAER testing. The worst enemies to AHT skin are their owners and the sun. I say this because we tend to not take proper care of “skin” in the presence of sun. Their skin is as vulnerable as our skin is to the ravages of sun exposure. And as they age all the issues seen with regards to unprotected sun exposure will present themselves in various forms such as blackheads, freckles, pimples, moles and skin cancers. White areas on the AHT will NEVER tan up.. and yes, the colored parts do “tan” but that also means they are get- ting all those rays from the sun that will later give the skin issues we deal with. It only takes one bad sunburn to ruin their beautiful skin forever! It may not show up immediately but it will eventually. Many owners tend to put all sorts of creams and lotions on their skin think- ing this will help them, but in actuality it can also create skin issues. I’ve been in hairless dogs for over 20 years and my background has taught me that “less is more”. NEVER use any scented products or products with lano- lin in it. These will create skin issues. I believe all hairless dogs are allergic to lanolin and to wool products. If you are using a cream / lotion pres- ently and no problems are resulting, good.. but use them very sparingly. Remember, hairless dogs do not have a protective hair coat and consequently will be prone to “contact” issues with grasses and other things they must walk on both indoors and outdoors. Be mind- ful of what you use on your lawns and floors... what you wash their bedding/ clothes in... keep to hypoallergenic products to prevent/minimize any contact reactions. Internally, be mindful of what you put into their bodies, not only for reac- tions you can see; but also for those you can not that will affect their hepatic and renal systems over time. Anyone interested in learning more about this wonderful breed please visit our website at American Hairless Terrier Club of America (www.ahtca. info)where you will find our Illustrated Breed Standard and more.

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