Showsight August 2020

Hilltop Rhodesian Ridgebacks | Scott & Julie Buss | Bronze Breeder of Merit | 319-240-8189 |

Thank you to Handlers extraordinaire Mark and Tabatha Bettis and many co-owners, especially Dick & Kathy Allbee also to those who have shared their love for this breed by sharing their genetics with us to keep producing winning Ridgebacks weather in the field, Conformation/Obedience/agility ring or the middle of the livingroom floor! We look forward to more fun as new puppies arrive! I believe in producing the healthiest puppies for whatever their end purpose is both mind and body. We do many techniques to stimulate balance neurologically, muscular and skeletal. Also we try to provide adequate stimulus to sound, touch and environment as they grow. As a breeder what makes me the proudest is the pictures I get from families with their pups out on adventures together. I love knowing I had a small piece in adding to their lives as my dogs have added to mine. That is really why I breed Ridgebacks, it’s what they give back. Our success is team effort,


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