Showsight August 2020


40 Message from the Publisher AJ ARAPOVIC 42 Incredibly Resilient DENNIS SPRUNG 52 Breeder Interview: Mary Merlo ALLAN REZNIK 58 Breeding with Intention CELESTE M. GONZALEZ 66 Form Follows Function STEPHANIE SEABROOK HEDGEPATH 76 Lines From Linda LINDA AYERS TURNER KNORR 96 Let’s Go to a Dog Show DAN SAYERS 98 Is the AKC Missing Out On a Tremendous Opportunity? WALTER SOMMERFELT 102 On the Line: About Being a Breeder BARBARA “BJ” ANDREWS 118 AKC News 120 Steel Valley Cluster Candids PHOTOS BY JOSEPH CIRINCIONE - JC DOG PHOTOGRAPHY 130 Mountain Laurel Cluster Candids PHOTOS BY CLUB MEMBERS

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138 Carolina Foothills Cluster Candids PHOTOS BY BLAKE WILLIAMS 146 The Whippet PHOEBE J. BOOTH 156 Get Your Kicks on Route 66 PENNY DEWEY 160 Non-Sporting Group VARIOUS GUESTS 175 French Bulldog VARIOUS GUESTS 180 Keeshond VARIOUS GUESTS 200 Shih Tzu VARIOUS GUESTS

206 Coming Attractions 208 Index to Advertisers


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