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HOW ARE DOG SHOW PEOPLE RESPONDING TO THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK? “I’VE NEVER BEEN TO A DOG SHOW WHERE PEOPLE WERE AS RESPECTFUL AND AS NICE TO EACHO- THER AS THEY ARE TODAY.” This statement is one I’ve heard and seen circulating over and over within our community. WHY ARE DOG SHOW PEOPLE RESPONDING IN SUCH A POSITIVE MANNER? I’m sure you already know the answer to this question, but I will gladly say it: Because we want dog shows! In my opinion, this response deserves much more than a round of applause. It deserves us all to roll up our sleeves and offer help to the clubs. I would like to thank everyone for doing their part. With this attitude, we are going to see a lot of dog shows return. Don’t be surprised if you even start seeing shows that had previously announced cancellations come back this year. (I’ve taken a full week to call around and speak with clubs to learn about their plans. More than 90% are working to have a dog show.) The only things that can slow down the process of shows reopening are state and local regulations, and the various restrictions set by show venues. Now that I’ve shared our community’s expectations, I hope you won’t mind my sharing a little something personal from the heart. I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced an event with such a drastic impact on how we live and work as the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, we must do the right things and be prepared to take steps beyond what we’re typically required to do. In the current situation, it is vital to stay digitally connected—connected to our families, friends and communities. We must ask what are they experiencing, and how can they best be supported? Getting feedback from exhibitors, clubs, and judges is essential to chart the right course that will ensure we get many more shows back in 2020. At ShowSight , we have the infrastructure and processes in place to help you stay connected through these challenging times. We want to hear from you, so please send us your comments and concerns. You can ask questions daily at hello@showsightmagazine. com or send Facebook Messages that will be redirected to our Leadership Team and shared with our 35,000+ subscribers and over 100,000 Social Media Friends. ShowSight is going to truly bring our community a lot of success in the decade to come. As we succeed, we’re going to main- tain our community’s values, the same values that were taught to us by our grandparents, parents and mentors. As young parents, professionals and publishers, my wife, Hanifa, and I (at 30 and 32 years old respectively) have devoted our lives to each other since she was 19 and I was 20. Everyone we hire must have the same goal, and that is to move the community forward. Our philosophy is simple: You move the community forward, and the community will move you forward. This is just a fact of life. Give and you shall receive. When Hanifa and I came into this community, we were 18 and 20 years old. What we are most grateful for is how the dog show community has supported us from day one. We will continue to do whatever it takes to bring only beauty into it. We’ve already started to consider when our six- and three-year-old daughters will start showing in Juniors. We aren’t just dog show magazine publishers. This is our life and, hopefully, it will be our kids’ life as well. We love you and we will continue taking care of you to the best of our abilities, while never losing sight of what this community has been built upon. Retaining our values while growing is what I call NON-NEGOTIABLE. Over the past few years, a rumor has been going around that our community only cares about winning. I refuse to believe this. Yes, we need to go out there and compete, show to the best of our abilities, and do our best to win. But win or lose, we still gather around our set-ups after the show to open a bottle wine or beer, throw something on the grill, and enjoy informative and motivational conversations. Due to the pandemic, we all understand that these are the things that truly matter. COVID-19 has made us realize how much we actually care about one another and our community. What we all must promise to each other is that once COVID-19 is gone, we will continue to be the kind souls that we are today. If we all do this, our com- munity will prosper. Now to finish my little message: As we have all adapted very quickly to the changing environment, ShowSight ’s top priority is our community’s continued health and safety. Everything will continue running without interruption if we can all respect the robust actions plans and specific precautions put in place by those clubs that have decided to host their 2020 events. The superintendents, show chairs and their committees have worked day and night to get these shows back...and they want to do more! They just need us all to cooperate. We know that listening to them is critical right now. Therefore, in line with our core values, “Drive. Innovate. Care.” Our thoughts are with the people affected and everyone working around the clock to help those most in need. Everyone at Showsight wishes you and your loved ones good health and strength in the days and weeks ahead.

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