Showsight August 2020


recommended guidelines. In order to do that, we needed our rings to have easy access to exit and come back in with a dif- ferent dog in the next class. This required us to have at least two openings for each ring. By doing this, it allowed each ring to have an opening away from other rings. This allows the exhibitors to leave and come back in without crowding the only entrance/exit opening. The change worked so well and we received enough positive feedback that we will use this for future events as well.” JUDGES “One major issue was with judges. We reached out to the judges we had contracts with (remember we contacted judges earlier in April and only three of the 33 hired can- celled). Now with only a few days before the Premium List was to be released, 17 more had decided to cancel. This created a com- plex problem for our clubs and could have caused us a huge financial penalty. The clubs would have had to spend a large sum to inform exhibitors about judge changes had we not found out until after closing. Judges should decide the risks for them- selves and discuss the issues with their families and, if there are concerns, they should cancel with ample amount of time for clubs to find a suitable replacement. The clubs understand the concerns, and have no hard feelings if a judge cancels with plenty of notice, we just need time to adjust the panel. We owe that to the exhibitors as well. To the judges that stayed with us, and the judges hired at the last minute, we greatly appreciate your willingness to join us!” GROOMING/CRATING “The Greenville Kennel Club is lucky to have a PHA member, Jamie Clute. Jamie was a huge part of making a safe show plan. He had great ideas on how we could organize the Grooming/Crating areas. All other events in the area cancelled, so we were able to have more preparation days.


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