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“...the required markings are for the breed, A WHITE MUZZLE BAND, WHITE BLAZE BETWEEN THE EYES, AND WHITE FORECHEST. THAT’S IT.”

Boston Terriers should have a tail. A docked tail is disqualification. Th e forequarters and hindquarters make up 10 points. Th is is a moderate breed. Th e front is well laid back. Th e forelegs are straight with short, strong pasterns. Th e feet are small, round and compact. Four toes should touch the ground. High outer toes are a deformity. Th e rear is moderately angled. Th e Boston Terrier is a double track- ing breed at any speed and shouldn’t be run around the ring. Th e Boston Terrier should never move like that of a working dog or a sporting dog. Th ere will be no rolling, paddling or weaving when gaited. Th ey should not have a hackney gait. Th e legs should not converge. Crossing over in the front or rear should be heavily faulted. Color, coat and markings are often a big topic when discussing the Boston Ter- rier. Keep in perspective that five points are assigned to this area, although one could argue it also pertains to the general appearance. When judging markings for the Boston Terrier, the most important

thing is to understand what the required markings are for the breed, a white muz- zle band, white blaze between the eyes, and white forechest. Th at’s it. Any speci- men that does not possess these minimal markings are to be disqualified. After required markings the primary focus should be on type and structure. BIO Ken Roux resides in a small rural town west of Chicago known to most as Ronald Reagan’s hometown of Dixon, Illinois. Roux is an American Kennel Club judge for Bichon Frise, Boston Terriers, Bulldogs, Dalmatians, French Bulldogs and Poodles. He has spent his life with Boston Terriers and Bulldogs. Since 1982, Roux has been breeding and exhibiting Boston Terriers; in the early 1990s he has been showing and breeding bulldogs. Roux has finished many champions in both breeds but his expertise lies within Boston Terriers. His dogs are well-known all over the world for their correct breed type. His dogs are known for their classic head piece. Many of Ken’s dogs have won the breed Westminster, Eukanuba and spe- cialty shows throughout the country. In the last 20 years, many dogs from his breeding program have placed highly in the top 10 breed statistics as well. Coming from a background in chemistry and genetics, Roux is very knowledgeable in breeding and judging dogs. In addition, growing up on a dairy farm with cows and other farm animals and attending the school of hard knocks has helped him understand structure, anatomy and how form and func- tion go hand-in-hand. His seminars are well attended all over the country and he is a valuable mentor of both Boston Terriers and Bulldogs. He can be reached via email at

Required markings

Skull & cheek planes

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