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breed’s activity level makes it a great can- didate for a wide variety of lifestyles. Their sensitivity to their owners’ needs is leg- endary. One adult male Boston, that was rescued at a year and a half, quickly took account of his new surroundings and got down to business. His new mistress had a pain disorder that often triggered full focal body tremors. Within six months of taking up residence, “Bugsy” was able to sense an oncoming incident. Whenever he came and sat in front of his owner, stamp- ing his front feet with determination, she and her husband knew what was coming. His quick diagnosis cut down on many visits to the emergency room. Sensitive and soulful. Comedic and compassionate. Alert and laidback. The individual Boston Terrier is certainly any- thing but “standard.” However, we look to the Standard when we are searching for a Boston that represents all the physical traits and characteristics we have come to know and love.

begins with an early morning groom- ing session and ends with evening walks geared to keep him both fit and relaxed; in a word, they are inseparable. It’s no sur- prise that he thrives on the road. Given the Boston’s predilection for being with their people, Bronson thrives on this arrange- ment. His owner can keep every detail of his home schedule the same when they are on the road. “They are just so smart. It’s my job to see that we stick to our rou- tine,” Cindi says. Meals at the same time of day, making sure he gets to bed on time and has plenty of rest; these are just a few of the things that help him feel right at home, no matter where they are. If he is happy and without worry, it shows up when he trots through the “in” gate, ready to take on all comers. Not all Bostons are destined for the show ring. There are many more that live their lives as integral members of their families. As happy settled into your lap as they are going for a hike and a swim, this

About the Author: Carol Grosz has been owned by Boston Terriers for over twenty-five years. She is currently training her younger dog, Joey (R), for his CGC. Carol is a published author and a freelance writer specializing in the preparation of promotional materials.


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