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I’ve lived in California and Illinois, where I was a teacher. Aside from dogs, my other interest was helping my husband with his true love--antique shows. (His help with the dogs was spoiling them!) I was raised with Collies, but my hus- band and I always had one or two large dogs—German Shep- herds, Poodles or Dobermans. In the 60s, I lived in an apart- ment and wanted an active, smaller dog that I could spoil. The Boston fit the bill! John Loporto sold me my first show dog and Western Boston Club of Chicago taught me all that I know today. In 1995, after my husband passed away, I moved to Florida—which is truly God’s area!

We reside in Independence, Kentucky and are lifelong residents of Kentucky. We are retired and have been married for 53 years. We have been breeding and showing since 1976. Michael has been judging since 1991 and Beverly has been judging since 2006. We were raised with Bostons as pets, but we got involved with showing when we purchased a male Boston in 1976 and the breeder entered us in a specialty show and we won our classes. From then on we were hooked. 1. Describe the breed in three words. CB: Square head from all angles, beautiful eyes plus the bal- ance of appearance of a square-looking body; therefore, the main three words would be 1) square, 2) balance and 3) round eyes.


I live in San Diego, California and still work as Critical Care Transport RN to support my dog habit. Occasionally I make home crafted natural soap. I had an Airedale in college, but quickly learned grooming wasn’t one of my talents. Then, I got started again in conformation in 1980 with Bulldogs, which I showed until 2004. I was first approved to judge Bulldogs in 1996, now I judge the Non-

MD: Stylish, square and charming. M&BS: Alert, kind and intelligent.

2. How much emphasis should be put on markings?

CB: Even markings are a must, but more important mark- ings, in my opinion, is in the face area and of course the nice white chest. Lately, I have seen too much white past the shoulders and on the hocks. Then of course, you lose the balanced look! It is the same as very little white on front feet; it seems to take away from the movement on most Bostons. “SQUARE HEAD

Sporting, Toy and Working Groups. I grew up with Bostons. My elderly relatives all had them for as long as I could remem- ber. My mother (who also grew up with Bostons) was actually quite disappointed that I bought a Bulldog and not a Boston (I thought BTs were “little old lady” dogs—I should have lis- tened to her). I had become good friends with Ellie and Bob Candland while motor homing at shows. In spending many weekends with them, I became enamored with Boston charm and bought a puppy from them. Cuddles was such a healthy joy, Bulldogs and Schipperkes were soon phased out and Bos- tons became my only breed.



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