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MARCIE D OBKIN I live in San Diego, CA

and still work as Critical Care Transport RN to sup- port my dog habit. Occa- sionally I make home crafted natural soap. I had an Airedale in college, but quickly learned grooming wasn’t one of my talents. Then, I got started again in conformation in 1980 with Bulldogs, which I showed until 2004. I was first approved to judge Bulldogs in 1996, now I

I’ve lived in California and Illinois, where I was a teacher. Aside from dogs, my other interest was helping my husband with his true love—antique shows. (His help with the dogs was spoiling them!) I was raised with Collies, but my hus- band and I always had one or two large dogs—German Shep- herds, Poodles or Dobermans. In the 60s, I lived in an apart- ment and wanted an active, smaller dog that I could spoil. The Boston fit the bill! John Loporto sold me my first show dog and Western Boston Club of Chicago taught me all that I know today. In 1995, after my husband passed away, I moved to Florida—which is truly God’s area!

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