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This Standard Comes With THE BOSTON TERRIER Everything BY CAROL GROSZ

T he hands that brought the world to Helen Keller were never far from her beloved “Phiz.” Cary Grant chose to own the only canine companion that was his equal in all things dapper and debonair. And for those of you who pause whenever you hear Louis B. Armstrong render his sig- nature ballad, “It’s a Wonderful World,” you might be amused to know that it was oft conjectured that Satchmo was crooning to “The General,” his Boston Terrier. Comforting. Debonair. Inspirational. All this and much more comes in a delightful package known as the Boston Terrier. Known as “a big dog in a small package,” just what is it about this lively little comedian that sends its owners flying to the dictionary for adjectives? For insight into their character and characteristics, we need look no further than the Breed Standard. Each recognized breed of dog has a standard that describes the perfect individual of its breed. Considering the breed’s original purpose, the Standard sets forth the physical attributes and person- ality traits necessary for the dog to successfully fulfill that purpose. Responsible breeders know their breed’s Standard inside and out, with each breeding carefully and meticulously planned. Breeders strive to produce an individual that not only reflects the Standard for conformation and movement, but also exudes the personality for which its breed is known. Each litter is evaluated for personality as well as structure to ensure that the puppy will thrive in its new environment. Does your dream dog win the ribbons and the points in the breed ring? Does he have the work ethic and drive to beat the clock in agility or score the highest points in the obedience ring? Maybe you’d like to share your Boston with other people, and you seek the individual who can quietly and comfortably make new friends who live in an extended care community. If your aim is to find a new best friend that enjoys a leisurely walk and a long nap on the couch, there’s a puppy ready to excel in that role too. Jodi and Dominic Koon have been breeding champion Bos- ton Terriers and world-class family companions for over 20 years. “Breeders seek to find the best homes possible for their puppies. We want to match the lifestyle, the home environment, and the fam- ily’s expectations with the puppy’s personality strengths. We have several repeat buyers of both companion and show puppies. We have also placed retired show champions. Companion homes are


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