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“i love to Watch a Big dog that MoveS eaSily With PoWer‚ IT’S VERY IMPRESSIVE.”

show in conformation, we also train and show in rally, obedience, lure coursing, tracking, and agility. We earned more than 25 titles on our dogs in 2014 alone! BH: I live in Santa Paula, a small agricultural town in South- ern California. In addition to the citrus and avocado industry, Santa Paula is used by the film industry quite a bit for movies, TV and commercials, mainly because it looks like downtown USA. Outside of dogs I enjoy cook- ing and entertaining family and friends. I also always seem to have some sort of home improvement project in the works! PL: Phoenix, Arizona. Catering Sales for Panera Bread. HS: I am a Colorado native that lives in Loveland, Colorado, at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park. I enjoy gar- dening but most everything I do surrounds dogs in one way or another. 2. How many years in dogs? Showing? Judging? CA: Although my first experience in the show ring was as a child in the 1950s, my involvement in the Mastiff breed as a breeder and exhibitor began only about 30 years ago, when I purchased my first mastiff. I have been judging for the last 15 years. BB: I have had dogs since childhood (eons ago). I was very involved in obedience training in the seventies, although I never competed in AKC obedience. I started showing in conformation in 1997 if I remember correctly. I started judging in 2011. MB: As I child I was involved in 4-H with dogs and evolved into AKC showing in 1974. I have been judging since 1983. L & DH: We have had purebred dogs and have shown since 1984. Laura started judging in the mid-90s and David in the later 90s. We have both had the honor of being selected to judge the MCOA National. We also have several other breeds, and have been active in English setters, PBGVs, Brussels Griffons, whippets, Scottish deerhounds, Miniature American Shepherds, Leonberg- ers and French bulldogs. BH: I’ve had dogs for 45 years or so, of which 30 years I have had Mastiffs. Showing? 25 years. Judging? 4 years. PL: Nearly 40 years in dogs—owning, showing and breed- ing. Judging for two years. HS: I’ve always had dogs. I started out in obedience in the late 1970s. I got my first “show dog” (a Mastiff) in 1985 and continue to show in obedience and conformation. I’ve been judging since 2008 and have 11 breeds now. I will be judging the Mastiff National Specialty in April 2016. To be voted by the membership to judge the National was a lifetime achieve- ment for me.

Bear To You, CD and showing Mastiffs for others in the con- formation ring. In 1985 I got my first “show dog” CH Legend- ary Fannie Flaunts It, CD, TT, CGC, WD. She was one of the first Mastiffs to receive a working dog title and is in the Hall of Fame for producing 5 or more champion offspring. Fan- nie won many BIS veteran awards as well as an AOM as a veteran. Since then, I have bred over two dozen Champions with a very limited breeding program, many of them with their obedience titles as well. My first litter produced “Rebel”, a popular sire in the early 1990s. He was group winning and multi-group placing, owner handled. He ranked in the top 10 in his time. I have enjoyed great success in the ring as well as in the whelping box. In 2007 I decided to use my education as a Veterinary Tech and experience in showing and breeding to become an AKC judge. I enjoy seeing what others are breeding and where our breed is going. I currently judge eleven working breeds including Mastiffs, as well as Juniors. 1. Where do you live? What do you do “outside” of dogs? CA: I serve as the Legal Services Developer for the Lt. Gover- nor’s Office (South Carolina), a single position that exists in each state as mandated by federal law. I have been in state government for 32 years of my 50 year career in business. I also own Avalon Consultants, LLC, and I provide speaking, coaching, and training services to busi- nesses and professionals. BB: I live in Texas, in the middle of nowhere northwest of Houston. I have way too many things I like to do. I read, write, cook and bake, knit, crochet, sew, do photography, play piano, like plants, wood-working... you name it. The world is just full of really interesting things. MB: I live in Milford, Michigan. I work part time as a consultant. L & DH: We live in Junction City, Oregon, near Eugene. We own Rest Assured Pet Cremation, LLC. As far as life “outside of dog,” is there such a thing? We do raise and show miniature horses, and have many types of farm animals which keep us busy all of the time on our 91 acre ranch. Our son, Adam, 18, is in the US Army. We not only

3. Describe the breed in three words. CA: Grandeur, dignity, good-nature.

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