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The Yorkshire Terrier Disqualification Issue Kathleen B. Kolbert

Bonnie Guggenheim

Judging the Pomeranian Dr. Geno Sisneros

Jessica Freni, Susan Link, Jessica Simon, Scott Toney

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37 The Significance of Pedigrees Cathy M. Driggers 42 Basic Character and Temperament of the Yorkshire Terrier Shirley A. Patterson 46 Candids: Davenport, IA Tom Weigand 48 Grooming & Maintaining the Yorkshire Terrier for Show Jamie Bennett 52 The Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Betty R. Dullinger

The Survival of the Prettiest Harry Bennett & S.D. Rowan, Jr.

What it Means to be an Italian Greyhound Harry Bennett & S.D. Rowan, Jr.


Biewer Terrier History Gayle Pruett & Myrna Torres

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Candids: Nor’East Toy Dog Cluster Jordan Isom

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