Top Notch Toys - July 2021

TOY TALK ETCETERA by Bonnie Guggenheim, TNT Advertising Director & Associate Editor


O bserve the judges’ ring patterns and watch their style of going over the exhibits so that you concentrate on showing off the best points of your dog. This is much easier if you are relaxed about what will be requested of you. Wear clothing with colors that do not hide your dog, but al- low it to be easily seen. When you are lined up and waiting for final instructions, carefully watch the judges; notice what he or she is looking for and how the dogs are placed. (More than one person has missed a request to go to the front of the class—and lost a ribbon for not paying attention.) Respect the judges’ time. If they take a fewminutes to speak with you about placements or specifics regarding your dog, understand that they are on a strict time schedule. AKC al- lows approximately two minutes per dog, so any time that a judge offers to answer your question is part of the time scheduled for that ring on that day. The Field Reps do

A smart exhibitor will have done some research, so they know what the judge prefers. If he or she comes from a Sporting breed, obviouslymovement is very important. For those judges who come froma breed that requires extensive grooming, beauty and presentation are important. And for those who come from one of the so-called “head breeds,” you will find the headpiece to be a winning feature. Know- ing these things before you enter will help you enter smart and bring you greater success. If you have a question for the judge, please be brief, specific, and friendly in your approach. If you want to tell him or her what they did wrong on that day, walk away. The judge’s book is already marked and your comments accomplish nothing that will benefit you on that day… or in the future. Exhibitors who verbally accost judges should know that the AKC Rep can be requested ringside, if necessary, which is not a good situation. Always be respectful. When talking with a judge, and they are answering your question, listen carefully. Some judges will give you a thoughtful and helpful answer that is important for you. Many of the specialty judges know the respective breed inside and out, and have a wealth of knowledge that they would be happy to share at the right time. Generally, they will find time at the completion of the assignment or per- haps another day. A few final thoughts on judges: They all want to do the right thing and they all hope to find a fabulous dog. I hope that it is yours! The second and most important thing? You can- not win if you don’t play! Every show is a new opportunity, so take your best, enter smart, dress for success, win lots, and tell all of us about it at TOPNOTCHTOYS … where all the finest Toys are found. Email or call me about your exciting new puppies or wonderful wins, and remember, inquiring minds want to know!

check judges’ times and they expect judging to be completed as planned so that the Groups can pro- ceed as scheduled.

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