Top Notch Toys - July 2021


more support to the fact that the breed excels as a terrier in the Toy Group. A dog with real terrier temperament will outwork a dog of equal physical qualities on sheer nerve alone. Our Standard states, “The high head carriage and confident manner should give the appearance of vigor and self-importance.” Just what does this mean? Looking into the ring at times, one might think “high head carriage” means gaiting one’s dog on a lead so tightly that he does not have to use his front assembly because his paws nev- er touch the ground. It all does seem like the fallacy of the tail wagging the dog. High head carriage should be natural and it shows that he is forward in his carriage, signifying that he is both proud and bold. The Yorkshire Terrier is bold in a sense that he is not intimidated. He runs in a smooth, sprightly gait on all fours. He knows what he wants and how to obtain it. Their bold ag- gressiveness may lead to many a Yor- kie fight, causing them to be minus a tooth at an early age. So, one should know the facts before penalizing for negligence of proper dental care. This bold attitude can be seen as he stands head forward in front of you, ears erect, tail up, eyes sparkling with a sharp, intelligent expression—very attuned to his surroundings.

Our terrier should be proud. This proudness is depicted by the way he carries himself with an air of self- importance, making one think he is A-#1. He has a way of making you feel proud of him in return, as he gaits naturally, head forward, ears erect, tail up, being in complete control. Our terrier should be alert. This alert- ness will be evidenced by his erect ears, being brought higher when excit- ed or at attention. His eyes will show that extra sparkle of inquisitiveness. This inquisitiveness, along with his keen sense of hearing, reinforce his ability as an excellent watch- dog. His tail will be up and possibly wagging, and his attentiveness will be unlimited. Our terrier displays an air of con- fidence. When he gaits, he tells the whole world, “Hey, look at me. I’m re- ally something special.” He is totally in charge, so you really do not have to worry. Hewill stand tall, ready to take on anything, no matter what the odds. Our terrier is loyal. A truly devoted companion, he is protective of house- hold as well as possessive of his family and surroundings. You might think you own him, but actually, he really owns you—and your house, your car, your bed, and your favorite chair! Our terrier is adaptable. Placing him in a new situation, in no time flat he will have you believing that the whole

idea was his. This adaptability is a unique part of his temperament. Yes, he is truly a big dog in a small package. Yorkshires are addictive; once you own one, we guarantee you’ll never be without one. I like to think of our Yorkshire Ter- rier as a “Sir Lancelot of Dogdom,” a Knight in Shining Armor, bold and courageous, confident and proud, loyal and adaptable—with an Armor of Metallic Elegance! Our Yorkshire Terrier as shown to- day in full, flowing coat, displaying proper temperament, structure, and movement, is beauty in motion. A dog needs a spark, to keep him alert and alive. To judge our Yorkshire Terrier as a whole, we must not overlook the temperament. We must not lose this little spark of fire—the pizzazz that says, “Hey, I’m a terrier.” In conclusion, I shall leave you with a final thought: Knowing the intelli- gence and temperament of a terrier, they can become bored very easily if not challenged. Therefore, to make the terrier spirit of this dog prevail, would it not be interesting to test the temperament like other terriers in the center of the ring? I am most certain that your true terriers would really stand out—that sassy, brassy quality denoting the spirit and fire they possess. Wouldn’t King Arthur be proud?

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