Top Notch Toys - July 2021

Proper Placement of the Wraps (Illustrations courtesy of Patrizia Casadei, Pigot Yorkshire Terriers)

dog’s anal glands to see if they need expressing. An anal gland abscess can lead to hair loss on the rear! Leave the shampoo on the coat for the recom- mended time. Rinse the coat and re- peat. Apply the conditioner and work it through the coat. On a maintenance bath, I condition the head furnishings also. Be sure to always rinse the coat thoroughly with water. Even a slight amount of shampoo/conditioner left on the coat can cause itching. It’s time to blow dry. Gently brush/ comb your Yorkie out thoroughly prior to blow drying. At this time I trim the ears. I find it easier to get a very close trim without nicking the ear when the ears are wet. I swab out the ears to remove any water that may have gotten in there accidentally. I then start blow drying on a low/warm setting, starting at the head. I brush the hair straight as I’m blow drying. I work from the head, down each side to the rear end. Make sure you dry the coat completely.

It’s time to wrap. One note on wrap- ping—some Yorkies do not do well in wraps. If you find your dog is do- ing more damage with wraps in, DO NOT WRAP! There have been some Yorkies that I do not even put a top- knot in because they break coat try- ing to rip them out. Yes, they look like sheep dogs, but they are now growing topknots! When wrapping, you should first put your dog in light oil. Some people add the oil in the bath; I do not. I try to keep from putting too much oil di- rectly onto the skin. I find you get less flaking and skin issues by doing so. I oil each section prior to wrapping. When wrapping, be sure that your wraps are not too tight or too loose; either way will cause coat breakage. Wraps should be just snug to the body. I do not attempt to wrap puppies un- til their coat length is almost to the floor! At that point, I start with just wrapping the sides of the coat of a male puppy and the rear of the coat

PRODUCTS NEEDED: • Shampoos; • Conditioners; • Coat sprays; • Coat Oils. • I recommend: • – Pish Pad® Show Premium Pet Grooming Clarity Line, Moisture Unleashed Line, Silk Treatment Line, and Clarity Mint Oil. (These products are the best I have found! They work wonderfully on all types of Yorkie coats.) – Palmer’s® Olive Oil Spray for putting coats in oil. (A very light oil that washes out easily and does not cause flaking.) • The Color Coordinated Canine ™ Hair Bands andWrapping Bands; • Chris Christensen ® Rattail Combs and Straight Combs; • I use the light weight deli wraps for wrapping (available for purchase online). BRUSHES & COMBS: • Madan ® Pin Brushes;

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