Showsight Presents the Shiba Inu



By Frederick Duane

hiba Inu is the smallest of the six related Nippon Inu (Japanese dogs) of which the shiba is the smallest and aki- ta is the largest. Th e ances- tors of these little treasures

are believed to be the oldest as skeletal remains have been found dating back to the Joman Era (8000 B.C. or earlier). Th e Shiba as well as all the Nippon Inus were originally bred for hunting. Th ey were used on small game and some shibas have been used to hunt boar, deer, and bear. Th ey are very popular dog in Japan shows, having as many as 800 in a Nippon show. Colors are red, sesame, black, tan & cream. Th ey stand 14-16 inches at the shoulder and weigh 18-23 pounds. Th eir natural stand up (slightly tilted forward) ears and curled tail along with their short double coat they make an all around beau- tiful, attractive little dog that can go any- where with you. Th is fox-like look, cat-like cleanliness, their courageous, dignified and obedient way are what endeared them to the Japa- nese all these years. Th ey are a real fam- ily house dog and a good kid’s dog. Shibas originate from land-locked mountainous parts of Japan where they thrive on cold weather. Th ey are very adaptable; we are in South Carolina and the heat doesn’t bother them, they race around when it is so hot you don’t want to move to do anything. Our line of Shibas don’t have canine health problems of a lot of other breeds. Also, they are not hyper like many of the small breeds. Th ey rarely bark unless it is for a good reason. Th ey are so intelligent you only have to show them

Ch Frerose Good Time Charlie—6 Months Old— with Frederick Duane and Diane Murphy.

“...THEIR COURAGEOUS, DIGNIFIED AND OBEDIENT WAY are what endeared them to the Japanese all these years.”

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