Showsight Presents the Shiba Inu

once or twice what it is you want them to do and they obey. Shibas are easy to train if you do it all with positive training, praise and reward, firm but fair. I find them to be one of smartest and easiest of any breed I know. One of our people has two golden retrievers and she said her Shiba is by far a better retreiver than the Goldens!

All our dogs and our puppies start out as show dogs standing and baiting even at 6 weeks old. We have bred our dogs and kept the look and type we like with the showmanship bred in to them. As one judge said about a puppy that we had at a match show, “He was born on his feet in a show stack.”

This proud little dog is a joy to own and it is a dog anyone from children to senior citizens can handle. After breed- ing show dogs since the 60s and top quality Shibas for the last 33 years we still love them as we did on day one.

“Shibas are easy to train if you do it all with positive training, praise and reward, firm but fair. I FIND THEM TO BE ONE OF SMARTEST AND EASIEST OF ANY BREED I KNOW.”

T his is Little Red Bear; he is a sei- zure alert dog. Kay Murphree did not get Bear until he was almost 6 months old. Right away he attached him- self to Kay. She had him less than 2 weeks and her husband was going to take him out to potty and he just ran over and sat by Kay and within a few minutes she had a seizure. Th is is what Kay wrote to us: “Just wanted you both to know… Bear is still doing an excellent job for me… infact he just gets better and better… Jae- mar Trainers have worked diligently with the both of us on a weekly basis..he has achieved his canine good citizen award… and is doing advanced training in obe- dience. Bear and I have been contacted from newspapers and people all over the country to give information on seizure alert/response dogs. Honestly he is quite a little celebrity and enjoys all the adula- tion. Bear and I are now involved in the therapy dog program and visit the local nursing homes and hospitals where he is quite the hit. Everyone wants to pet Little Red Bear. I could never express how very much this little guy means to me and my family. He is so diligently and lovingly responded in each and every instance. What loyal, obedient and loving compan- ions Shiba Inus are. God bless you both and all your little Shibas.” Namaste, Kay Murphree & Bear

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