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A Breed in review SHIBA INU:

PAT HASTINGS I live in Aloha, OR and have a fairly full life inside of dogs. With writing, semi- nars, judging and litter evaluation, dogs keep me pretty busy. But I do love garden- ing, movies and spending as much time as possible with my friends and family. I got my first dog, a Toy Poodle, in 1958; which was also the first dog I showed. (I received a ribbon and got hooked for life.) I have been very involved ever since. I was very active in club work, had a 4-H Dog Group for years, breeder/owner/handler for years and became a professional handler when I married Bob in 1977. I retired from all of that in 1990 and started judg- ing and I currently judge 4 groups. CAROLYN HERBEL

a year when we got our first two dogs—a German Shorthair for a hunting dog and a Miniature Schnauzer—and we started showing shortly thereafter. We got our first Shiba in 1988 and I’ve been judging them since 1998. I’ve been judging since 1994 and have the Terrier and Non-Sporting groups; I’m now learning and judging some Sporting breeds in addition to the GSPs which I’ve judged since the beginning. I’ve been JEC for the National Shiba Club of America and was Vice President. I developed their educational PowerPoint in addition to the one for the Hungarian Pumi Club of America, and an educational website on CD for the American Miniature Schnauzer Club. LAURA PERKINSON

I live in Oakville, Washington State. I am retired. I showed my first dog, a GSD, in 1958. I judged from 2004 to 2013. I had Chow Chows for over 20 years and was in Japan showing a Chow in the 90s when I saw my first Shiba. I asked my friend what it was and five months later he sent me one. I never looked back. I love this breed to distraction and with the help of oth-

I live in Oklahoma. Outside of dogs… I do very little, because as a retiree I am indulging myself mostly in many dog- related activities. I’ve been in the dog world since buying our first AKC regis- tered dog in 1956. I entered her in Obe- dience in 1959, at the St. Joseph KC. I’ve been judging since 1983.

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ers worked to get it accepted by AKC. I have bred over 55 Shiba Champions as well as a World winner and Champions in Europe, a BOB National Specialty winner and just this last year, showed my Veteran to Select dog at the National under the very respected breed expert Pat Hastings. I judged two AKC Shiba Nationals and one Canadian Shiba Nationals— those truly were the highlights of my judging career as these assignments came from member votes. I retired from judging due to a back injury, but have since found a way to return to the ring to show my dogs. DIANA SMILEY I live in Santa Rosa, CA. I am retired for the last 10 years and I breed and raise and show Shiba Inus. I have a suc- cessful line of dogs called Copperdots Shibas. I have been breeding and showing for 40 years. I started judging about 12 years ago. I judge eight breeds, including a breeder/judge for the Rottweiler, the Akita and the Shiba Inu. I am also a


My husband and I live in Salem, OR. The dogs are our life. We retired a few years ago and I’m enjoying every aspect of dogs, including dog club work, judg- ing (and learning new breeds), showing (we’re getting ready to show our Pumik as a full status breed this July) and per- formance: herding, nose work, obedi- ence and coursing. I’m still trying to get back to my artwork, but not finding the time. This will be our 45th year show- ing dogs. We’d only been married about

A Japanese dog that is one of my ideals and exhibits that “own the ground

you stand on” temperament.

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