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I currently live in Florida. I just retired to this sunny and warm state and I am enjoying it immensely. Right now I’m enjoying spending time with my family and not having to get up at a set time each day to go to work. I started in dogs in 1988 with my first Afghan Hound, DCh and Canadian Ch Shahbanous Shah Jahan (which is where my kennel name originates from). My first Chinese Crested, Ch Sanuchar K Aus O Xu Fei, came in 1992 from my friends the Rachunases. I started judging in 2007. SUE KLINCKHARDT- GARDNER I live in Palmdale, California. When I’m not grooming/ cleaning/training, I dance with a group of senior ladies in our area. We perform at many local events. I have a master’s degree in dance so this is a way for me to keep in shape and have fun at the same time. I’ve always had dogs, but I got my first show dog (an Irish Setter) in 1970 and showed him at a match in March of that year. I was first approved to judge in 1995. DR. SOPHIA KALUZNIACKI I live in Green Valley, Arizona, which is just south of Tucson. I have bred and shown horses even before I showed dogs, work on and race Corvettes, love art and many other etceteras. I went to my first dog show in 1957 with a German Shep- herd puppy that I bought with baby sitting money. I have been successful with Ger- man Shepherds and Akitas, as well as Cresteds. I have been judging for twenty-five plus years.

I was born and raised in Southern Cali- fornia. After retiring from professional handling I moved to Colorado, where my husband and I purchased a Pet Resort. We recently moved to Florida, where we purchased another Pet Resort. Outside of dogs, I enjoy traveling, taking cruises, bik- ing, hiking, kayaking and spending time

at the swimming pool or on a beach. I have been in dogs for most of my life. I began showing in obedience in 1982. I moved on to conformation in 1988 and have been exhibiting ever since. I had a rewarding career as a professional handler that lasted for many years. After handling several Chinese Cresteds, I simply fell in love with the breed and have had them ever since. I began judging just over 4 years ago. I am currently approved to judge a handful of breeds, but I am in the process of applying for a lot more. I am very honored to be judging the Chinese Crested National Specialty in 2017. DEIRDRE PETRIE

I live in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and I am a Mortgage Loan Officer. I am originally from upstate New York but have spent the better part of the last 20 years in Pennsylvania. I obtained my first show dog in 1975, an Afghan Hound, and in 1976 my first Saluki. Salu- kis were my main breed for a number of

years as well as showing a few Whippets to their champion- ships. I obtained my first Chinese Crested in 1986 and the breed captured my heart immediately. Mind you, this was well before the AKC recognized the breed in 1991 and Chi- nese Cresteds were quite rare at the time with just a handful of breeders in the US. I obtained my judge’s license in 2006 and currently judge a number of Sighthound breeds as well as Chinese Cresteds.

1. Describe the breed in three words. PF: Happy, curious and entertaining. SKG: Exotic, devoted and fanciful.

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