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base of the skull and the back of the neck. Hair on the ears and face is permitted on the Hairless and may be trimmed for neatness in both varieties. Tail plume is described under Tail. The Powderpuff variety is completely covered with a double soft and silky coat. Close examination reveals long thin guard hairs over the short silky undercoat. The coat is straight, of moderate density and length. Excessively heavy, kinky or curly coat is to be penalized. Grooming is minimal-consisting of presenting a clean and neat appearance. Color: Any color or combination of colors. Gait: Lively, agile and smooth without being stilted or hackneyed. Comes and goes at a trot moving in a straight line. Temperament: Gay and alert.

Approved June 12, 1990 Effective April 1, 1991

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