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A ccording to AKC statistics, the Dachs- hund fluctuates back and forth between the top ten most popu- lar registered breeds. Dachshunds come in three coat varieties (long, smooth, and wire) and two sizes (standard and miniature), are bold to the point of brashness, and oh yes, stubborn, but extremely loyal. Th ey can do anything and are endearing. In my case, my family lived at the beach in Malibu and when my Labrador died, my parents wanted to get an Irish Setter and someone recommended Dick Webb of “Webline” fame. We went over to see puppies and when we got there he said they wouldn’t do well because liv- ing at the beach they would be chasing seagulls all the time; they would get sun- burned and, smell of seaweed. He recom- mended a house dog. My aunt raised Longhair Dachshunds and we vacationed there to go salmon fish- ing and, of course, she had a litter in the

By Sherrill Snyder

kitchen and one went home with us. My uncle asked if we would show the little girl because she was the only one who wasn’t a champion and my aunt wanted an all cham- pion litter. Found the Dachshund Club of California was having a specialty show at Hollywood Race Track, met Ramona Van Court Jones and Grace Hirshman, and started showing soon after. Yes, we were hooked. Th en we took our new Champion on a trip though Texas and by the time the last show was done, my mother fell in love with Jiminy, the miniature wire that Evonne Chashoudian showed and we bought him. My mother and I loved the dog shows, the people, the breed – they never fail to entertain us. From Mrs. Midge Martin Breeder-Owner of Afghan Hounds, and Standard Wire Dachshunds under the Full Circle kennel name; and AKC Judge “ An illustration of why I became involved with Dachshunds arrived in an e-mail I received last week from friends

who have 2 dogs (Riley and Walker) from my breeding. Th e entire e-mail is as follows: ‘Midge. Th anks. Riley has taught Walker how to remove the wooden pegs from the stairs. An invoice will will be forthcoming.’ Th is shows the Dachshund in a nut- shell... curious, inventive, fun-loving and creative. I acquired my first Wire Dachs- hund over 40 years ago and have never looked back. After Fannie came to us, we couldn’t have just one and her sire came to us several months later. Funny Face was a joy. Th ey are a perfect size, though they think they are Great Dane rivals. Th e Dachshund Standard says that they are ‘…courageous to the point of rashness.’ A long-time wire breeder said that they took it one step further ‘…rash to the point of stupid.’ But stupid they are certainly not. Loving, possessive, always looking for something to do, but never stupid, which makes you keep on your toes to stay one page ahead of them, be my friend and make me laugh.”

“Dachshunds come in three coat varieties (long, smooth, and wire) and two sizes (standard and miniature),


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