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VELCRO® breed. Th ey prefer instead to keep an eye on their two-legged companions from a distance, approaching from time to time for pets and cuddles. Training requires persistence, patience and kindness. Highly intelligent, they will fi nd ways to entertain themselves if bored, so it is up to the owner to provide mental stimulation through suit- able activities, toys and challenges as well as exercise in a fenced area or on a leash. Th is is not a breed well-suited to con fi nement in a yard—they expect and need to be an inte- gral part of family live. Grooming needs for Finnish Spitz are fairly basic and minimal. Th is is a very clean breed with no tendency to mat or tangle and no doggy odor. Regular brush- ing and occasional baths along with nor- mal nail and dental care are all that is needed. Th ey do shed their undercoats sea- sonally and at that time will require more extensive coat care to keep them tidy. Health Resulting from the natural selection of breeding stock that could endure the harsh hunting environment of Finland, the Finnish Spitz is an extremely healthy dog. It has no known breed speci fi c health problems. Th ere are occasional diagnoses of cancer, liver, kidney, heart, epilepsy or other diseases common to all canines; however, none of these is widespread. Hip dysplasia and patellar luxation also appear from time to time, but neither is prevalent in the breed with any statistical signi fi - cance. Overall, breeders have been diligent in minimizing problems and are the best source for information concerning speci fi c health concerns within their lines. BIO Peggy L. Urton started showing toy poodles in the early 1980s. She obtained her first Finnish Spitz in 1992 and has owner-handled her dogs to both champi- onships and grand championships. She has also bred many champions and is an AKC Breeder of Merit. Peggy has been involved in the Finnish Spitz Club of America since 1993, serving as President, Secretary and Treasurer, in addition to chairing and serving on many committees. She is an approved FSCA Mentor and Presenter. S HOW S IGHT M AGAZINE , A PRIL 2014 • 269

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