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their owners’ perseverance. More inspir- ing is that over a dozen Pointers have now earned Tracking titles and still others have become successful Search and Res- cue dogs! Th e versatility of this breed is endless. Many are able to mix and match varying disciplines without di ffi culty. Pointers are very loyal and want to please. Some might show a natural apti- tude for a task, where others need more time and direction and plenty of that elu- sive quality known as patience to make it happen. For all their exuberance, Point- ers have a soft and gentle nature and are really quite sensitive to harsh reprimands, regardless of the transgression. A little cor- rection goes a long way and positive rein- forcement works best. Pointers make a striking Junior Show- manship breed choice with their unembel- lished physique and easy demeanor. Th ey have also been known to make appear- ances at elementary schools for show and tell sessions where they’ll patiently allow schoolchildren to pet, prod and play show- dog with them.

Th ey can sense when tenderness is required. Some make incredible Th erapy Dogs, with special certification train- ing that includes working with autistic children, Alzheimer’s patients or nurs- ing home residents. Th at beautiful head with earnest expression and soft, brown eyes nosing gently under a hand and the innate ability to move closer without intruding are remarkable talents. Since it is hard to resist such an empathetic friend, moods tend to brighten. At home, Pointers can intuitively comfort a dis- tressed family member (young or old) and willingly absorb tears shed into their embraced necks. Everything said, Pointers are robust and full of energy which needs to be released daily. Ready access to a fenced yard, regular trips to the park or a jog, or kids as mentioned earlier, are good ways to prevent the house from becoming their gymnasium. Since Pointers weigh between 45-65 pounds, remember those bony elbows if considering a lap dog (and they do consider themselves lap dogs).

Crates are a valued element in a Point- er household. Th ey provide refuge (never for punishment) for rest and quiet for the dogs, as well as peace of mind for an owner who cannot be sure if it’s wise to leave them unattended while away. Case in point was the day our cat brought a live chipmunk into the house through the doggie door, turning the three Pointers in residence into Keystone Cops on a car chase. Th e chip- munk survived but the corner cabinet was never the same.

BIO Karen Blasche is a life member of the American Pointer Club where she serves as his- torian and bench statistician. She is shown here relax- ing in “times gone by” with homebred Ch. Haymeadow Merry Me.

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