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From the APC Illustrated Standard

Gait Smooth, frictionless, with a powerful hindquarters’ drive. The head should be carried high, the nostrils wide, the tail moving from side to side rhythmically with the pace, giving the impression of a well-balanced, strongly-built hunting dog capable of top speed combined with great stamina. Hackney gait must be faulted.

Balance and Size Balance and overall symmetry are more important in the Pointer than size. A smooth, balanced dog is to be more desired than a dog with strongly contrasting good points and faults. Hound and Terrier characteristics are most undesirable. Because a Sporting dog must have both endurance and power, great variations in size are undesirable, the desirable height and weight being within the following limits:


• Height • Weight

23-26 inches 45-65 pounds


• Height • Weight

25-28 inches 55-75 pounds

Although not addressed in the standard, the height of body from the withers to the ground is equal to or slightly less than the length of the body from the front of the forechest to the rear projection of the upper thigh.

From the APC Illustrated Standard

a gentle curve, not exaggerated or straight, both of which would be hound characteristics. The Pointer’s silhouette should show a well-balanced dog devoid of exaggerations such as an extreme slop- ing topline or a very high tail carriage. The Pointer should also never appear low in leg. These do not present the correct outline for the Pointer. The Pointer’s chest is deep rather than wide, and the breastbone is bold, but not unduly prominent. The bone of the Pointer is oval in shape. It should neither be too refined nor too heavy as both would hinder the agility and endurance of the breed. The feet are oval with well-arched toes and deep pads, which are needed for speed and agility. Our standard calls for muscular and powerful hindquarters. When one examines a Pointer, well-defined musculature should be apparent. It is the strong hindquarter that propels the Pointer in the field. Decided angulation is required in the breed standard.

of hunting all day is a disservice to the breed. That being said, the Pointer’s head is very well-chiseled. The planes of the skull and muzzle can be either parallel or dished. The standard calls for the muzzle to give the impression of length. The nostrils are wide open to enable scenting ability. The eyes are of ample size, rounded, and intense. An oval eye is incorrect in the Pointer and detracts from the expression. The eye color should be dark in contrast with the coat color. The ear leather is so fine that the veins are evident. They are also short and, when relaxed, reach just below the lower jaw. They should be pointed at the tip and never rounded as in a scent hound. The outline of the Pointer is a series of gentle curves from the neck blending into smooth, laid-back shoulders. The cor- rect topline has subtle curves from the head to the tail. There is a slight rise over the loin and a gently sloping croup. The underline is also an integral component of the outline, the tuck-up being


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