Showsight Presents The Brussels Griffon



Indiana and build a house on the Smith Family Farm. I am still breeding and showing Apogee Baliwick Toy Poodles. I showed the Baliwick family of Ianthe Bloomquist with her black and brown Toy Poodles starting in 1985 and we have been friends since. Today, I co-own with her and she has been my win- ter home in Florida. I bred Miniature Poodles with a partner, A. Monroe McIntyre of Daktari of Apogee Daktari Poodles, from 1972 through mid 1990s while owning and operating Piccadilly Kennels in Nashville, Tennessee. When I moved to Tuscumbia, our home didn’t have the space to continue to breed Miniatures. So, as they all went to over the rainbow bridge, I only bred black and brown Toy Poodles. Today, I am still a breeder/owner/handler. I also love traveling with friends and family, but I love raising Toy Poodles most of all! From 1969 to present, I am still going strong on a limited basis. I was top breeder in Miniatures Poodles from 1972 through the 90s. I am a Breeder of Merit in Toy Poodles, totaling 77 Miniature Champions and over 100 Toy Champions. I’ve been judging since 1998 for my one breed, Poodles. As for today, I judge the Toy, Non-Sporting, Terrier breeds, Groups and Best in Show. DARRYL VICE ing breeding Miniature Pinschers in the early 70s and late 70s got into the Brussels Griffons. I started showing in 1973 and starting judging 1994. 1. Describe the breed in three words. JB: Well, actually, 3 phrases: thick-set, pout and human-like expression. AC: Self-important, devoted and intelligent. PD: Square, thickset and alert. NH: Head: an almost human-like expression; body: compact, square, thickset and well boned; temperament: full of self-importance! DV: Thickset, square and alert. I live in Palm Springs, California; though I’m originally from upstate New York. I’ve managed a Styling Salon for JCPenney for the last 33 years. Outside of dogs, I enjoy things with my wife, daughter and granddaughter. I start- 2. How do you judge the Griffon’s mouth? Can you see from the outside whether or not it is wry, undershot? JB: I judge their mouths very carefully. There is no need to pry the mouth open thereby constricting airways.

Jeff Kestner and I live in Bremen, Ohio about 45 minutes southeast of Colum- bus. Long-time friend and fellow judge,

Michael Faulkner married Jeff and I on January 30th of this year, our 12th anniversary of being together. Outside of the dog world, I am a garden and floral designer and have owned my businesses since 1982. I have been involved in the sport of dogs since the age of nine and have bred many champion Newfoundland, Schipperkes and Brussels Griffon under the St Johns reg’d kennel prefix. I have been honored to judge dog shows around the world for 25 years. Jeff K was recently approved to judge Griffons as well. I received my first Griffon in 1977 and have judged them since 1992. I have judged spe- cialty entries around the world. Our dogs are all co-bred with Evelyn Hole of Homestead Kennels. Our dear friend does a marvelous job at conditioning our show dogs by hand strip- ping and maintaining show coats. She is truly a rare gem. We all use our separate strengths to build a strong family of dogs. I finished my first champion, a Pekingese, at age nine. ANNE K. CATTERSON I live in Southern California. I retired after 42 years as an Operating Room nurse and manager. I have 27 years exhibit- ing and 15 years in judging. PAMELA DEHETRE

I live in Loganville, Georgia and I have a boarding kennel as well as a bookstore. I’ve been in dogs since the early 60s. I started showing in the 60s and have been judging for eight years this February.

NANCY HAFNER I moved from Nashville, Tennessee to Tuscumbia, Ala- bama in 1987 as the plan was we would stay here for 10 years until my late husband was to retire. Things don’t always work out as planned. As we were then to move home to

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