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I will endeavor to write about the Brussels Griffon’s “almost human expression.” I have searched out mention of this in our American Brussels Griffon Association’s AKC STAN- DARD and our ABGA ILLUSTRATED STANDARD . As I look over photos for this article, I must admit I am having trouble finding any that physically LOOK like a human person. Yet, I completely under- stand what the writers of our STANDARD meant. Our Griffons DO look like little people. Don’t they?? The STANDARD of the Brussels Griffon states: “ HEAD: A VERY IMPORTANT FEATURE. AN ALMOST HUMAN EXPRESSION. ABGA ILLUSTRATED STANDARD: The proper placement of eyes, nose, and upswept jaw characterizes what some call the Griffon ‘pout.’ When you look deep into the large soft eyes, you will see look- ing back an enchanted little being with startling intelligence. All of these features give him that ‘almost human’ expression. This is a little dog with a lot of personality.” Also, from our ILLUSTRATED STANDARD: “The very essence of breed type is found in the unique head of the Brussels Griffon. The almost human expression evolves from the proper placement and relationship of eyes, skull, nose, lips and jaw. Our standard is very clear in the paragraphs on the Griffon head and leaves no room for the exercise of personal preference by breeders or judges. The head is to be evaluated as a whole. It is the responsibility of all who breed and judge to see that the Brussels Griffon does not lose that which makes him unique.”

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