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Lappy with a Versatility title. Th eir abilities to learn and succeed seem limited only by what their owners want to do with them. Th is breed is SO intelligent that they frequently learn commands by watching another dog, in class or ringside, getting a treat for a behavior and suddenly the Lappy is o ff ering that behavior too. Lap- pies are masters at observational learning and they learn things from each other so quickly that you can literally see their minds at work. When they figure some- thing out, they act excited about it. Th ey are enthusiastic learners. Because of the Lappy’s intelligence, they should be trained to do something--it can be anything. Th ey can become bored and they may look for something ‘interesting to do’, so structure and training can teach them behaviors that are useful to their owners. Some Lappies do have a retrieving instinct and some do not. Th ey are very quick to learn a trick for a reward and love to earn treats by demonstrating their new tricks. Why I Chose This Breed Many breeders of large breeds who show their own dogs, will tell you that after decades of showing and training dogs and whelping litters, they decide to look for a smaller breed. After breeding and showing Akitas for 17 years, and an auto accident that ruptured several disks in my back, I needed to seek out a smaller, yet athletic breed. I wanted a northern breed that was smaller, easy enough to pick up if I had to, but athletic and agile with overall long life and good health. Additionally I wanted a consistent very sweet temperament that was not dog aggressive, yet intelligent and will- ing to please. With my preference for the northern, Spitz-type look, this was a tall order. Fortunately, I found the Finnish Lap- phund and never looked back. What To Know About Finnish Lapphunds Finnish Lapphunds make wonder- ful watchdogs because they will bark at

strangers or strange things going on. Th ere is a continuum within the breed and it varies from individual to individual. One should be aware of this if they live in an area where barking can draw complaints. Th e breed is trainable, and can learn not to bark if told. However they may not be suited to an apartment setting. A very sweet and trusting breed, Finn- ish Lapphunds love other dogs and crave canine companionship. As a northern breed, with the independence that comes with the territory, Lappies do best with a securely fenced yard, or on a leash. Whether you enjoy outdoors activity, participate in dog sports from conforma- tion to tracking, OR you just want to have a quiet evening at home, this breed can do it and makes a wonderful companion.

AKC Ch Yutori’s Winter Solstice, “Celie”—a dark wolfsable and tan female at 19 months old.

Finnish Lapphunds are a very kind, warmhearted breed. Th eir gentleness is legendary. Lappies recognize the needs or abilities of the people around them and adjust their energy to that. A Lappy will become calm and slow moving around a baby or someone with a disability. A vigor- ous person would see a higher energy level from the same dog. Th ese dogs love children and show an intuitive ability to adapt to a toddler’s needs. Th ey will sit, or drop down low, even laying down, so that they do not appear threaten- ing to a young child. Th is is an automatic response to a child they have not met before. Even young Lappies will do this. Adaptability/Trainability Finnish Lapphunds are extremely intel- ligent, highly adaptable and have been used for everything from herding to agil- ity, tracking, obedience, conformation, and therapy work and even (in Europe) as guide dogs for the blind. Th ey are bright, quick to learn and willing to please. Finnish Lapphunds in the US have earned Agility titles including a MACH, Obedience titles, Herding Instinct Certificates, Th erapy Dog certification and even one Tracking titled

BIO Cathy Pollack is a long time dog fan- cier, having shown in AKC since 1985 and breeding/show- ing Akitas for 17 years. She obtained a Finnish Lapphund in 2005 and has bred

10 litters with her co-breeder/owner Lynn Drumm, finishing 9 AKC Champion and 2 Grand Champion Finnish Lapphunds to date. Th eir Yutori-bred dogs have earned two FLCA National Specialties (2009 and 2012), a BOS FLCA National Specialty win (2012), WD at that same National Specialty (2012) and BOB at the 2012 Canadian Finnish Lapphund National Specialty (FLCC). In 2013, Yutori Finnish Lapphunds swept the breed at Westminster by going BOB and BOS. Ms Pollack is cur- rently President of the Finnish Lapphund Club of America, having served on their Board of Directors since 2006. Yutori website: www.afinnishlapp- Parent Club: Finnish Lap- phund Club of America (FLCA) http://

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