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may be better constructed). Th e color and patterns are sec- ondary to the overall conformation and type of the dogs. In both sexes there is a 6cm (about 2") variation between the preferred lower and upper size, and an overlap between the genders, the ideal height for males is 49cm (19 ½ ") and for females, 44cm (17 ½ ") with a tolerance of ±3 cm, but it is crucial to remember that type is more important than the size. Also, judges should be wary of measuring dogs in their mind and perceiving that the dog that stands tall- er and smaller in the ring is the wrong one—unless you measure accurately using a calibrated stick, its hard to be accurate, as the size of coat and bone can help create a misleading picture. BIO Toni Jackson has owned Finnish Lapphunds since 1992 and has bred the first two champions in the breed in the UK, she is the only UK breeder/judge to have judged the breed in Finland to award CACs, and has also judged in Norway & Denmark. In the UK she was the first judge to award CCs to the breed at Crufts 2011. In addition she is the author of the Finnish Lapphund ( Comprehensive Owner’s Guide ) handbook. A regular visi- tor to Finland she has imported 6 Finnish dogs to UK and mated 4 bitches abroad. In addition to the Finnish Lap- phund she also awards CCs to three other pastoral breeds in UK. t4 )08 4 *()5 . "(";*/& " 13*- 

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